OpenAI Scientist Confirms that Artificial Intelligence Can be Conscious

  • AI researchers claimed that artificial intelligence might already be gaining consciousness. So, it concludes that the large neural networks are conscious.
  • The chief scientist of the Open AI research group claimed that AGI will solve issues we have today as it has the potential to create infinitely stable dictatorships.  
  • Reports claimed that AI is not conscious, but unfortunately, the hype is more important than anything.   

Commonly AI is seen as everything you experience in your life, as per the neuroscientist Christof Koch. However, AI Expert, Thomas G Dietterich, said that he had not seen any proof of consciousness.

Top researcher of Open AI, Ilya Sutaskever, declared his views on this matter on Twitter and got the backlash from many scientists in the field as first spotted by Futurism. But the questions have remained the same: who is right and does AI conscious?

But the idea is still unclear. What is the meaning of slightly conscious? Because the concept of consciousness in artificial intelligence is controversial, other researchers said that it’s a pointless fact.

An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a cluster of interconnected units or nodes that model the neurons found within a biological brain. This group of nodes can be prepared to accomplish tasks and activities without human input by learning; however, most professionals say these systems are not even close to human intelligence, let alone consciousness.

Open AI is very much related to controversy as it has different aspects and theories, so many researchers can predict their strategies. Moreover, it includes the GPT-3 system, which was released to generate a chatbot emulator.

AI Researchers different views on this matter

Ilya Sutaskever took the help of the Twitter platform and tweeted that there are high chances that today’s large neural networks are slightly conscious. The statement seems harmless, but it was met with immediate and swift backlash.

But the question is why? As per the views of AI researcher Toby Walsh, this is the conversation and evaluation of AI. Each time a conversation like this gets spread, it takes months of effort to get things back to the more realistic opportunities and threats posed by AI.

Valentino Zocca, an expert in deep learning technology, explained the theory as these things create the hype more than anything else and it is not an actual idea. Also, consciousness is not a natural idea because it does not have any real-time base or example.

Thomas G Dietterich claimed that if consciousness can deliberate upon and change themselves, then today’s nets had the expertise innovations. So, it is pointless to consider that AI has more importance as compared to human intelligence.

Other researchers and scientists explained that the current machines and robots are not conscious and this doesn’t seem to have changed in past years.

Is it hype

This is an unusual view as the widely accepted data among AI researchers has made great strides over the past years. But that data still falls far short of human intelligence, but it’s close to experiencing the world consciously.

The possibilities are high as per Sutaskever’s facts, but it’s also imaginable that he is already downrange as the top researcher at one of the foremost AI groups in the world. The issue is that 99% take it as a lie because AI is not at the point of being conscious and may never be.

No matter how AI or the Intelligence agents become in certain respects, at least for the foreseeable future, they probably will stay insentient machines and special purpose instruments that help humans in detailed projects or tasks. So, it also claimed that consciousness is the hype concept only.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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