New Scam calls Alert: Google, Alexa and Siri Can Put You In Risk

Scammers are available online for free. They just come up for free to make your internet life like hell. Well, this isn’t any kind of virus, so your protection won’t be helping you at all. As to now, New Scam calls can be picked up by Google, Alexa, and Siri, right on your home. You are already familiar with how a scam call works. You dial a number. Some punk picks it up. You are tricked into buying something that you don’t want. Well, now it happens online strictly with voice assistants too. Google and Siri can pick up such a call. And throw you in trouble.

Scam calls can be picked by Google, Alexa, and Siri

Scam calls have now become more of a security issue. Online business got very popular in the least time. As to its leading marketing techniques and money deliverance. Some people easily click a link, if it shows some kind of online work. Since everybody keeps an eye for making easy money. Or money just by sitting at home. But all you get is traps and fake business lines.

Scams can be easily picked up Voice Assistants


The field of online business scam has been around a decade. Since the emergence of the internet, everything has got easier. Mostly searching on google. Voice assistants like Google, Alexa, Siri now has auto dial feature.

You see a business online?. The assistants can also do a relative search for you. See a number? Just ask your home assistant device to dial it up. And they will do it humbly. Voice assistant devices including Google, Siri are usually equipped for dialing numbers from searches.

While this is how traps are lured into users. As online business scams are now even available to Google search results. It also shows how Scam calls can be picked by Google, Alexa, and Siri.

Google search results and Business scams


If you think website owners deal with a tough work to get to the top of the search results. You might be correct, but slightly wrong. It can be done via ads too. You pay some top advertisers into featuring your ads at the top.

Even search engines, as they love money. They don’t care what you sell or buy. As it is completely unrelated to the ads. These ads now pop up on a website, for the site owner’s earnings. Of course, that has been the strategy till now.

Some ads forcibly open and play their clips to ensure you see them. They seem like usual genuine ads, but they aren’t at all. Congrats! Your fake ads just reached the majority of the site owners. Most of these provide contact numbers, in the case of communication. As voice assistants have dial-up, it makes your work easy.

Why it works so well with voice assistants?


Only 14% of the population cares about actually verifying an ad before looking into it. Others don’t. Not at all. Most ads notify you of their number to give them a call. While voice assistants can do it for you, including Google and Siri now. Alexa already had it. While these are bound by Artificial Intelligence, the algorithm works here.

But during dialing such numbers, the algorithm might pick up such a call. This is now a greater security threat as Google, Siri and Alexa are now into it. These are just innocent machines. Scam calls can be picked by Google, Alexa, and Siri in their search data.

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Google Reports of false business scams on maps


While Google makes a life of people easier, these scammers use google to make it hard. While business locations are now available on google maps, they seem to be not like usual ones. Fake business locations trick people into making them appear genuine. Since this works best to look good and official.

Google product director, Ethan Russel mentioned how these scammers to trick googles into fulfilling their wishes. And their business too. He also added, how Google tries to shut them down. But they pop up again using new names and identities.

Around thousands of false searches were usual on maps as reported by Wall Street journal. Some searches are straight down from Google, Alexa, and Siri. As voice searches are more common.

How voice assistants trust these calls?

They don’t. One point where everyone gets pinpointed, trust. As you trust google since it does not pulverize your security. But business scammers, gain trust on a different level. Their ads reach the top of searches. Well, money can do everything. That’s true. Now ads that feature on the top of search results, are not fake. This is what everybody seems to be believed.

Clicking on those ads redirects your browser to another site. Especially a gift site, where you are forced to buy one after spinning a wheel. 99% of such sites are fake for real. This is how millions of users fall into the traps, just because of the ads. Scam calls can be picked by Google, Alexa and Siri way easily.

Better Business Bureau warns about fake business ads


Already, Better Business Bureau warned how these scams work. But they insist that anyone can be tricked into it. Especially those who rely more on Google and Alexa for searches. As these devices, work on data. Not on real AI that will detect such fake business on their own. Well, not to blame them, we even can’t do that well.

As when you dial up the number via Alexa, it dials it up right away. But to your surprise, you find someone else answering. That isn’t what you expected. Your bank details might get checked up too when you buy something. While some can just track down remote access to your computer. That’s all needed to crash you.

Voice Assistant Device security flaws


Don’t get panicked. You can still defend yourself from these scams if you follow some tips. Google, Siri, Alexa don’t line up good with fake calls. As they do what has been programmed to do so. But doing anything related to online business, make sure you do it yourself. Search and lookup regarding those business ads, marketing and even the company itself.

If you find anything genuine, then proceed. Else back off. Don’t indulge yourself into nasty business just because you want some easy money. Most of such scams give away gifts and cards, just to build up trust. When they gain your trust, they start doing their actual work. They specifically target top searches to publish their ads. As it can be easily picked up by voice assistants too.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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