Microsoft Is All Set And Prepared To Introduce Its New Era Of Windows

The whole world has high hopes for the New era of windows. There are several operating systems available.

But there is no competition when it comes to Microsoft. Microsoft has proved to be the world leader in Operating Systems.

This is because they have Billions of users around the world. All this credit goes to the brilliant minds working day and night.

Continuous improvements are the secret to its success. This article focuses on the information provided by Panos Panay who is their Chief Product Officer.

Panos Panay Of Microsoft

Panos Panay Of Microsoft

A month ago, Microsoft put together its windows plus devices team. Panos Panay is now the head of both hardware and the windows.

He is very new to this business. But the plans which windows have for the future are clearing up. There is a beta Program which Microsoft has.

There are over a million beta testers who are testing Windows 10 currently. This insider program has laid down the building blocks to the new era of windows.

The Insider Program

The Insider Program

Panay seems happy about this particular area of Microsoft. In a recent gathering, he expressed how happy he was with the insider team.

He praised them for the amount of knowledge and dedication they have at this. Meanwhile, he also says that he is still trying to understand how this works by listening and paying attention.

He says that Microsoft has chosen a new leader to direct the insider program.

This is a powerful community and hence it is in need of a powerful leader. Amanda Langowski would serve as the new lead for the Insider programme.

New Members in Microsoft

New Members in Microsoft

Microsoft is a world leader because of its human resources. Langowski is one such person.

He was initially working on the beta programs of Microsoft. He will now look after the windows 10 testing.

Dona Sarkar handled this job before him. Sarkar is now one among the Developer Relations team. He continues to serve for Microsoft.

Area of Focus

Area of Focus

Microsoft wants this New era of windows to be the best. The working pace has gone down in the past year.

The followers of Microsoft around the world are eager to know what’s coming. This windows 10X project would support dual-screen devices.

That is its priority. But the desktop version of it will include several alterations. Panay says that his vision for the new era of windows is not yet finalized.

The interface of the OS might get simplified. The features which are not used frequently will get removed.

Microsoft definitely needs a new face for it. People find it boring and usual to use the same old interface.

The terminal of the windows will have some major upgrades. People who use windows every day will find it more exciting after the upgrades. A new icon pack is also desirable.

To Conclude

It is good to know that Microsoft is giving importance to the opinion of its users. Microsoft has been operating for decades without any major changes to its looks.

This upgrade will be a huge change. According to its CEO, the goal is not just to make people use Microsoft.

But people should start choosing it over other operating systems. They should start to love it.

The new leadership will be helpful in bringing in new ideas. This new era of windows is not so far away. Whatever surprise Microsoft is holding, we will get to know soon.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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