In the future, Apple will not repair lost or stolen iPhones

  • Apple employees will refuse to fix iPhones that have been reported missing.
  • Apple will use the GSMA Device Registry database to determine the condition of an iPhone
  • For repairs of Find My iPhones, Apple’s new policy will not differ from the previous one

MacRumors got an internal memo from Apple.  Apple will no longer fix iPhones that have been reported stolen or lost through the GSMA Device Registry. This means that Apple Store staff and Apple Authorized Support Providers will refuse to fix iPhones that have been identified as lost in the Mobile Genius or GSX systems that they use to provide customer service.

The GSMA device registry is a database of gadget serial numbers that includes information on the state of each device. For example, if a person reports their phone as stolen to police enforcement, the device may be flagged by the GSMA, which can enable repair shops to detect a device as lost if it ever comes into their workshop.

Apple’s new policy aims to discourage repair shops from working on phones that may have ended up in the wrong hands. It expands on the company’s existing policies, which prohibit technicians from removing a device’s Activation Lock unless the consumer can show evidence of purchase. If consumers put their smartphone in Lost Mode through the Find My app, which locks it and displays contact information on the lock screen, Apple will refuse to repair it.

However, this only applies to iPhones with the Find My function turned on. To prevent the sale of stolen iPhones, the new limitation will apply to iPhones that have the Find My Tracking feature disabled. iPhones with Find My Location enabled will continue to be ineligible for repair.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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