How to know my phone is hacked

A few years back we have to use computers for doing some powerful and important works. But, now with the change of technology Mobile Phones has replaced by the name “Smart Phone” and they called by this name because they have become much smarter than before. Now, we can do many types of power with the help of our phone which computers can do.

But, we all know that everything has two sides one is good and another one is bad. With the development of technology hackers also become advanced and due to this, the privacy of your phone decreases and our phone get hacked. So, in this article, we are going to list some signs which will help you to know that your phone or Tablet is hacked or not.

Signs Your smartphone or tablet is hacked 

When your phone gets hacked it will start showing some signs which are not common as usual. So, those signs are listed below:

  • Your smartphone or tablet become slower than before

Because of the malware which is running in the background of your mobile apps make your phone performance slower. This also happens when you update the phone operating system. So, if you have just updated the operating system of your phone then don’t be panic.

  • Your phone will start sending or receiving strange text

If you notice that from your phone message is text to someone which is strange that you have not sent or you will receive any message which is strange then chances that your phone is hacked.

  • Now apps will be installed on your phone

If you have just updated your phone operating system and some new apps are installed in it then no problem those are installed by OS for advanced features. But, any new app installed unknowingly then you have to beware that it can be kosher. You have to search for that app which is installed on your phone and after that uninstall it because they can be harmful.

  • Your Phone battery will start draining quickly

The malware which is inside your phone and keeps tracking the user activity uses phone battery and because of this, the phone battery starts draining very quickly.

  • Pop-up Ads will start appearing automatically 

Sometimes you will notice that while using phone pop-up ads will be shown to you and many times this will starts happening. This is the sign that your phone got hacked and ads are showing by some third-party. These ads are not of any mobile app they will starts appearing anywhere like while calling, texting, etc.

Final Words

So, we have listed some important signs which will help you to find out whether your phone is hacked or not. So, if you are facing any kind of these signs which are listed above in this article then you have taken some action for making your phone safe.

So, I hope this article is helpful and informative too for you guys. Please share your thoughts and doubt in the comment section below we will try to help you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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