Google Maps rolling out ‘incognito mode’ for Android users, but still has a negative point

With increasing GPS and Location-based technologies, Google maps are moving further speedily. But it’s new feature may raise higher bars for people than the feature’s actual operation. Just last month, Google Maps gave the public allowance to post warnings about hazards,  highway issues, and speed traps in order to join a drive to reduce accidents. Google was hugely appreciated for this, but at the same time criticized by police authorities as people will use phones whilst driving.

And now, Google Maps has launched Incognito mode!


On Friday, the long-time number one ranking maps app decided to treat its users with this new model. The company says that once this mode will be turned on, it will have features such as:

  • Your location history and shared locations will not be updated and stored.
  • It will not send you notifications about your browser and search history.
  • No personalization will take place based on your personal data.

But what is the catch that will disappoint the users?

There is one tiny issue and one big one. The tiny one is that it isn’t 100% private, but once it’s started it will move further towards improvements tHE big one is that people who don’t know much about incognito mode and just a brief will have higher hopes based on its power, whereas it just prohibits limited and basic features. Both of these things are interrelated. The privacy issue and misunderstandings will lead users being led down with their expectations.

People will be thinking that no one will ever be able to know where they’re traveling or what are they searching for. But their internet service providers will be able to track this data to a limited extent. And the biggest point, just because they are now in incognito mode the background apps will be able to trace it. But still, with people being worried about who is going to know and how the incognito mode resolves the issue in some ways.

Now one important thing, when is it coming out and what operating systems will be having it?

Although it’s official release date isn’t out by far, in May the company had announced the mode being first launched for the Android version and then after a while moving to the iOS version. Concluding this, there is one beneficiary for the company. Although Apple has brought out a new update in its Maps version after it being it a horrible app and also recommending its users for the competitive one, it will not be able to match the smart features of Google Maps. Either way, happy or disappointed, it’s going to be a win-win situation for the company.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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