Facebook ad policies being criticised

In the past, Facebook has gone through number of policies to control adult content. Facebook is now getting criticized over the issue of adult content in ads. The company has faced inspection to determine whether its own policies are discriminating because they are penalizing women for posting adult content. A report to the New York Times says that number of pictures have been rejected and deleted from Facebook Ad campaigns for featuring female nudity or adult content. But, many of the sexually explicit pictures of men have never been removed or deleted.

Facebook regarding adult content

1. Except for statues, any nudity or implied nudity, even if it is artistically created or for educational purpose.

2. Images focusing private body parts individually including body parts such as chest, abs, buttocks, even if it is not sexually explicit in nature.

3. Excessive observable skin or cleavage, even if it is not sexually explicit in nature.

4. Content representing excessive nudity or suggesting sexual activity.

Facebook gives five examples of non-cooperative ads on its page. Four of these examples have women as their key targets. Fifth one includes two people of debatable gender in bed together. These subjects are totally arguable whether a woman in bed or two debatable genders in bed together are inappropriate. A woman suggesting sexual activity such as blowjob or any such stuff can be considered totally inappropriate. But, prohibition against cleavage and artistically created nudity feel unprogressive.

Uneven ad policies


Facebook has no reason behind prohibiting cleavage, and it suggests like discriminating the subject. Some modeling pictures of women looks as if she is suggesting a “sexually explicit pose”. But, it can be arguable if she is modeling for a hair conditioner.


Ad policies criticised

Recently, Facebook deleted a picture of the curvaceous Venus of Willendorf statue. Their ad policies are making an exception for statues. So, concluding we can say that ad policies at Facebook are really uneven. Later on, Facebook reversed the decision saying that the ad pictures should have been approved. Once, NYT asked Facebook regarding a specific ad suggesting man’s rippling obliques. This ad was approved on a romance novel page. Answering to this question, a Facebook spokesperson said that the ad should not have been approved as Facebook’s ad policies prohibits images focusing individual body parts.

Emotions unaccepted


It is really common for women of getting charged for being flirty in some situations. But, it is possible that their minds and emotions are totally innocent. Getting your body watched or stalked is really insulting and uncomfortable. So, when Facebook mentions that a woman is sexually suggestive for owning cleavage and an arrogant stare, it is not acceptable.

Though Facebook claims that their policies are perfect to prevent any inappropriate content, it clearly seems that their policies target more women over men.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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