Did You Know This? The Cool Brain Research Is Fooling Mankind

Cool brain research is a huge trick played by drug companies to earn profits. The human brain is a mystery which mankind is yet to unravel.

There are various aspects of the human brain which we still cannot figure out. Even after years of research, we are still scratching the surface.

Not to forget that conducting experiments on a live brain could prove fatal. Everything we know about our brain is just assumptions.

There are no definite answers to how the brain really works. As humans, everything we ever do or see, we owe it to the brain.

Change Of Strategy and Focus – NIMH

Change Of Strategy and Focus - NIMH

The National Institute of Mental Health is one of the renowned research facilities in the United States. During its initial days, human brain research was not its primary goal.

The major aim of the NIMH was to perform well-rounded research of human mental health.

It started its operation in 1949. But 30 years later, the NIMH started directing their resources towards the research about the biology of the brain.

This is due to the rapid improvements in the field of research. Machine learning developments came in handy for the research.

It made us realize how complex the human brain really is! What started as cool brain research became more and more complex.

Empty-Handed Research Output

Empty-Handed Research Output

Initially, we thought that we were making huge progress. But the more we think we know, the more we realized how deep the research is.

The more answers we got, the more the questions multiplied. NIMH invested more than $50 billion and three decades into its research.

It had hopes of picking up the fruits hanging down the tree once the research is over. But they had to return empty-handed because the cool brain research simply had no fruits to pick.

There are billions of neurons in the brain working all at once. Even if we manage to get results, it will be slow and gradual.

Psychotherapy Is More Effective

Psychotherapy Is More Effective

Gradually in the 1980s, the NIMH moved into psycho-therapy. The NIMH supported the efforts of various psychiatrists during that time.

The research was able to prove that psychotherapy is just as effective as chemical drugs. It can cure depression and anxiety in their early stages.

NIMH’s psychotherapy research has already helped millions of people around the world. This mode of treatment is drug-free.

It means that it involves no side effects which a drug might induce. This research could potentially change the way of mental treatment. But this could also prove fatal to all the pharma companies.

Companies Are Fooling The Citizens

The side effects of any brain-related drugs are long-lasting

Any reaction which happens in the brain is due to chemicals. Rise and fall in the chemical proportion is the only reason for human emotions.

This statement has no definite proof. But various drug companies around the world are profiting out of this. They are fooling the people into believing that drugs can cure this imbalance.

Though this is partially true, drugs have various harmful effects. The side effects of any brain-related drugs are long-lasting.

It might last for years. A temporary solution might affect people for decades.

But still, the drug companies manage to maintain this billion-dollar industry. Almost 20% of the population in the US is totally dependent on drugs.

To Conclude

There is nothing wrong about performing brain research. There is nothing wrong with producing drugs to cure diseases.

But people must know the side-effects which a drug could cause. They must also receive proper guidance about the alternative cure for brain-related ailments.

Effective treatments such as psycho-therapy should not go down in vain just for the drug companies to earn profits.

Although the brain is a chemical chamber, there is no need to use chemicals all the time.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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