Coronavirus spreads quickly, before people show symptoms, Study Says

Researchers who have studied the coronavirus have found. That the time between cases in the series of transmission is less than a week. And this virus infected more than 10 percent of people but have not shown symptoms yet. But a discovery that helps the public automatically avoid the epidemic The study. Published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, estimated that the time it takes for a tree to appear in two What is the serial interval of coronavirus called? People with viruses who infect others and those infected.

Started from China

According to researchers, the average serial interval for the novel Coronavirus in China. Including the logo of the Texas University in Austin, was about 4 days.


He said that the pace of the epidemic depends on two things. How many cases each person infects and how long it takes to spread the cases.

The first volume, scientists said, is called reproduction number. And the second is the serial interval.

COVID-19 due to the small serial interval of the disease caused by a coronavirus. He said that while the outbreaks will increase rapidly and they will be difficult to stop.


Meyers has established that public health responders to Ebola outbreaks before invading others. There is more time to identify and separate cases

The data suggests that these coronaviruses are spreading like the flu. Which means that we can prevent the emerging danger.Need to move quickly and aggressively

In the study, scientists investigated more than 450 infectious cases in 93 cities of China and found the strongest evidence so far

The main source of the disease is people with on symptoms, then can transmit the virus.

Scientists said that one in ten infections were among those who had the virus. But had not yet felt the disease.

While researchers around the world had till now been somewhat uncertain about asymptomatic transmission with coronavirus. New evidence may provide guidance to public health officials to prevent the spread of the disease.

Warranted mass celebrations

It now provides evidence that comprehensive control measures. Govt warranted including quarantine, school closures, travel arrangements and cancellation of mass celebrations.


The researchers cautioned that asymptomatic transmission makes containment harder.

Hundreds of cases occur every day around the world Scientists said data reveal a different picture over time.

“Our findings are linked to instances of silent transmission and increasing case cases in hundreds of cities around the world. This suggests to us that COVID-19 outbreaks can be elusive and require extreme measures,” said Meyers.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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