Brain Reading Wearables Might Turn Mankind Into Cyborgs

Research about understanding the human brain has been carried on for decades. It has been discovered that it is possible to record a person’s thoughts using Brain reading wearables. Neural Activity is another fancy word for it.

Since then, scientists have wanted to explore the possibilities of it. To be precise, the extent to which man and machines work together as one. It is now proved that machines and humans can function together. We can visualize thoughts. We can even make an electronic device work based on them.

Facebook Acquired CTRL 


Various establishments around the globe have been trying to capture this market. They have also been dumping their entire resources and research into it. It is no surprise that Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook is one among them.

Zuckerberg recently addressed the press in a conference. It was about his interest in focusing resources to develop mind and machine interfaces. Facebook also acquired CTRL labs. It’s worth is little over 800 million euros.

CTRL labs is a neural interface start-up. It makes wrist bands which could transmit electrical signals from the brain. This is one of the high investments that Facebook has made. The last investment made was related to the same area of research. It was the virtual reality company Oculus VR.


Mark made a statement about his interest. It was in developing wearable and implantable technology. It supports brain-control. CTRL labs would join the Facebook reality labs. Their goal is to develop augmented reality smart glasses. Dr. Joe DeRisi and Dr. Steve Quake were also a part of the conference.

Implantable Technology

Mark’s discussions were focused on the future of technology and society. Zuckerberg, DeRisi, and Quake discussed a lot of topics. They include the potential impacts of implantable technology. It could read human neurons. They also discussed the challenges which the process might face.

Quake pointed out the risk factors which this might pose. DeRisi continued that the advantages far outweigh the challenges and risks. He stated that the implants can even simulate real-time inner speech. This is applicable for people suffering from stroke and other physical anomalies.


facebook acquired CTRL labs

This accurate decoding of the data collected from neurons was never possible using surface readings before. Mark explained the principle with which CTRL labs were working with. They were focusing on just motor neurons. But if more implants are included in the design, the data collected from the brain reading wearables would also increase. It also makes its number of applications high.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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