Area 51 Secrets Revealed: America’s Top Secret Military Base – Part 1

There are mysterious things surrounding Area 51 and we are gonna reveal Area 51 secrets one by one for you. Air Force base located in Nevada, USA is full of rumours and hidden secrets.

There are theories which say alien life existed in Area 51. People around the world believe that things in Area 51 can change economies of the countries upside down because of the hidden secrets.

Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base is a famous book on Area 51. Annie Jacobsen is the author of the book and she proposes a different theory.

She did extensive research to find the deepest secrets of Area 51. She believes that Area 51 is a house for secret weapons.

1. Aliens and Abused Children in Area 51

Aliens and Abused Children in Area 51

Presence of aliens in Area 51 is the most popular conspiracy theory. But Jacobsen believes that no aliens lived in Area 51. A mysterious soviet ship had vessels with child pilots. They were the subjects on whom Joseph Stalin conducted experiments.

This event happened in 1947 at Rosewell, USA. Then the remains of the ship were taken to a secretive Air Force base in Ohio, USA. The ship was built by Nazi scientists. The ship was examined and used for developing advanced technology programs over the next few years.

2. US Scientists struggled to explore the technology behind the Soviet Aerospace Technology

US Scientists struggled to explore the technology behind the Soviet Aerospace Technology

The Nazi aircraft crashed at Rosewell and many scientists struggled to find the technology used to build that aircraft. The aircraft was more advanced compared to what they built at that time. After several investigations, the US found that Horten Brothers worked with Soviets to build that aircraft.

Manhattan Scientist Vannevar Bush spent several years to decode the technology behind that aircraft. With the help of his engineers, he dismantled the entire craft and studied each and every component one by one. He finally understood the mechanism of the aircraft.

3. Josef Mengele worked with Stalin to create the Soviet Aircraft

Josef Mengele worked with Stalin to create the Soviet Aircraft

The US government didn’t reveal anything about the aircraft and keep it as a secret. Even President Truman never opened his mouth about Aircraft crashing at Rosewell. Jacobsen believes that Stalin asked Nazi doctor Josef Mengele to create child piloted mysterious flying discs.

Stalin agreed to gift him an advanced laboratory to continue his experiments. After that, Josef Mengele did the job but Stalin didn’t give what he promised. Jacobsen interviewed some of the engineers who worked on aircraft. She found that the US government focussed on finding the technology behind the aircraft.

4. Government Agencies’ Top Secret Programs happened in Area 51

Government Agencies' Top Secret Programs happened in Area 51

After 1951, Area 51 was home for developing controversial technologies. CIA, Atomic Energy Commission and several other agencies used Area 51 as a site to run tests and eventually explored science to the core and developed deadly weapons.

In the book, Jacobsen said that Area 51 was helpful for advanced nuclear weapons development. Area 51’s major land comprised of Nevada Test Site. Major scientific experiments happened on this site.

5. The CIA secretly developed Planes that travel 3 times faster than the speed of sound


In 1959, the US government worked with Lockheed Aircraft Corporation to create planes that are 3 times faster than the speed of sound. Engineers and experts worked hard to develop a plane A-12 which was 10 times more advanced than US military aircraft.

CIA asked Lockheed to deliver twelve A-12 planes at Area 51 for testing purposes. A-12 looked like a cobra with wings. Unfortunately, A-12 didn’t take off and the mission failed. During March 1962, the US government made those planes work after years of hard work.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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