Amazon To Discontinue Sale Of New Smart Home Products From Google’s Nest

Amazon an e-commerce giant let Google know that company would discontinue to list any of the newer smart home products of Google Nest, in a conference phone call late last year. Amazon will stop adding new stock of newer products from Google’s Nest unit. In response, Nest will stop selling every product of it through Amazon. According to Nest, they would either like to sell entire product portfolio on Amazon platform, or nothing at all.


According to Infomance reports, on a conference call last year, Amazon’s retail team told Nest employees that Amazon would discontinue to list any of Nests’ newer products. It is not clear whether this decision came from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. But, Nest employees took it under the impression that decision had come from Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos. The ongoing feud between Google and Amazon is not a good news for consumers over the world. This ongoing feud is getting more and more annoying. A lot of issues came over smart home in last month. Nest released the Thermostat E and Secure home security system last year. Both of these products are good smart home gadgets, but Amazon has decided to discontinue its sale.



In 2015, it all started when Amazon pulled Chromecast products from its platform as they were lacking support for Amazon Prime Video. Google in response blocked YouTube app on the Eco Show and Fire TV (devices by Amazon) claiming that the devices were violating Google’s terms of service. This issue between them was never cleared. Amazon recently acquired Ring, which manufactures internet connected security systems. Amazon’s Alexa has taken a lead in controlling every home gadgets from lights to televisions. Now, as Nest is a part of Google, it has become one of the biggest competitors for Amazon’s smart home gadgets. Nest is in Amazon’s way to compete for smart home.

Amazon’s decision questioned

So, whether this decision from Amazon violates antitrust rules? According to one legal expert, Amazon’s decision is not illegal. But, as Amazon is an e-commerce giant, it can use its retail reach to lead the competition.

What next?


This issue is nothing but a bad news for consumers over the world since it began. This another issue over Nest has added more fire to it. It seems pretty difficult of getting solved anytime soon. It is not clear whether Nest products will be available on Amazon from third-party sellers. Both, Amazon and Nest has rejected to comment on this matter. It will be interesting to watch the competition between these giants. Now, all we can do is wait and watch the direct competition between Amazon and Google ranging from smart home to digital ads and other products.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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