Amazing! You Can Find Instagram Accounts Using Phone Numbers

Users can now find Instagram accounts using phone numbers making the process easier. The major goal of any social media is to connect with people.

Unless you go ahead and make friends, social media serves no purpose. But in order to make friends, you must have a way to find them.

If you have to manually search for someone, it is going to be hard. Because most social media have millions of followers.

There is a very chance that there are thousands of names similar to the one you’re searching for.

It is no different from searching for a needle in a huge cornfield. Therefore Instagram is making it easy for you.

You can now connect with your friends using their phone numbers which you have saved.

Making Use Of Your Contact List

Making Use Of Your Contact List

Whenever you install a mobile application, it requests access to your contact list. This feature is very common when it comes to social media.

You would’ve seen this a lot of times on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is very similar to this. This feature is so deeply hidden in Instagram that most people still have a hard time finding it.

Even if they could locate it, they are unaware of its potential. It is almost impossible when we have to remember a new username.

You do not have to remember anymore. Just save their number in your mobile’s contact list and it’s done.

You can easily locate their Instagram ID. It is that easy now to find Instagram accounts using phone numbers.

Do Not Forget This

It is critical that you remember these instructions. There are two important rules for this to work.

You cannot manually search for people using their phone numbers. You must have saved their numbers in your device beforehand.

The second instruction is, you must ensure that the user has merged his/her mobile number with their Instagram account.

Unless you manage to do this, you cannot find Instagram accounts using phone numbers.

Follow These Instructions

Log into your Instagram account and click on the profile icon. You can find it in the bottom right corner of your mobile screen.

Log into your Instagram account and click on the profile icon

Now click on the menu icon which you can find in the top right corner. This will open a menu with four options in it. Click on Discover People.

click on the menu icon which you can find in the top right corner

This will navigate you to a page where you can find people. It will give you two options. You can either view your suggested friends’ list or access your contacts. Select the second option.

Select the second option

It will then request you to connect your contacts with the Instagram account. To do this you have to allow permission for the Instagram mobile app to access your contacts. Make sure you allow access.

Make sure you allow access

Once you do this, all the Instagram accounts linked to your contact list will pop up on your screen.

You must also know that Instagram can now access your contacts. Every contact that you add to your mobile will get synced to Instagram now and then.

To Conclude

Finding your friends in social media has never been easier than this. It is okay if you cannot locate your friends with their usernames.

Do not worry if you couldn’t remember their usernames for so long. As long as you have their phone numbers with you, you can locate them.

You must also know that attempting to find someone in social media whom you do not know personally is wrong.

Make sure that every person you get connected to, is your friend.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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