All new products Apple released in 2019

Apple is systematic when announcing new phones over the internet with no shock or excitement. The Powerful smartphone maker makes itself cool and just stages the Show. Earlier, it was Apple’s year again. Bringing in the most powerful smartphones in history aside new upgrades and a better camera. While this year seems to be similar, with its triple camera design. Let us now gaze through all of the new products Apple released in 2019.

All of the new products Apple released in 2019

Apple released its next-generation iPhones that will hit the market soon. Aside, its new TV service with Apple TV+, Apple watches. Like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, Apple now also has Apple Arcade. This is going to be a popular gaming community for all those who love to game.

New Apple iPhones


The 11th gen of the Apple IPhones is here. This time, as usual, it announced not just two, but three smartphones. The initial smaller guy IPhone 11, the bigger brother iPhones 11 pro. And the big daddy named iPhone 11 Pro Max with a bigger battery and memory upgrades.

Body design has been kept similar to the predecessors. While the most looking change is the camera module. While the 11 and 11 pros manage with 2 main and Ultrawide, but the 11 pro-Max has something more.

The third module has been added as a Telephoto lens, for more distant photography. Other performance upgrades include exceptional photography, on-chip ISP improvements and image chip enhancements for better clips.

For users, the iPhones are the best of all of the new products Apple released till now. Also, the 11 pros Max and rest two have bigger battery sizes, over 3000mAh. Along with 7nm chips, this should be enough to power them for a day and more.

Apple iPhone new design and best features


The bigger 11 pro and 11 Max pro comes with a big 5.8inch and 6.5inch OLED displays. Color options include Green, Space Gray, Silver, and gold. A new matte finish is also available with all of the colors. On the battery side, the 11 Pro Max comes with a huge 3500 mAh battery.

This is supposed to give around 4 hours of backup more than the usual smaller 11 iPhones. The iPhone 11 Pro Maxis highly cheaper than the XR priced at only $699, although coming with the new Technological benchmarking chipset named Apple A13.

Apple A12 already did crush everything for a year. Now the A13 will keep the competition down for another year.

Apple iPhone pre-order dates, OS updates and more

The new Apple iPhones are said to start shipping from September 20 on Friday 5 AM Time. Along with the new iPhones, the new iOS 13 is also to be released as a cool pack. While most smartphones might be coming with this inbox.

Other models including iPhone 6S and newer models will receive the update on near September 16. The iPhones will ship out at $399, $599 and $699 price segments, might be at much lower prices too among all of the new products Apple released.

Apple iPhone 11 series newest cameras


One of the best improvements to the newest cameras, is they are well upgraded. Since it makes a positive non-trendy approach towards the buying of the iPhone. In Contrast to the previous generations, the new iPhones come with a straight-up camera module.

Only the 11 Max Pro has three cameras, aligned triangularly. While it does not look peculiar at all. As the cameras come with the best features available in the market right now.

With up to 60 frames per second, the cameras can record at 4K, FULL HD and HD. Even with the front camera itself. One of the cameras is a normal wide 12 Million pixels with a bigger 1/2.55 inch sensor. This is perfect for all levels of photography.

The secondary cameras include a Telephote lens and an ULTRA WIDE lens up to 120 degrees. The lenslet up to 40% higher light input for better detailing and colors. Multiscale tone tapping, Manual Night mode is already present for enhancing colors at night.

The new better designed Apple watches


Every year, a cool Apple watch does come out, to amaze those people who love smartwatches. Believe it or not, Apple watches are one of the best in the market. The newer Apple watch series 5 starts at a pricy $399 for GPS edition. Also, an extra $100 for 4G connectivity too if you want.

These also have an internal compass and emergency call right away. The new fitness watch comes with a new always-on display. It can run up to 18 hours a day, with a low-temperature Oxide display and efficient drivers in the list of all of the new products Apple released.

While the watches will also be available from September 20, Apple cut down the prices of the Series 3 watches. Those are now available only for $199. The Apple Series 5 watches come in cases of Aluminium, Ceramic, and Stainless steel, Titanium too, being a first for the company to sell out.

Aside, the watches are now more featured with even menstrual cycle monitoring, along with a new research app. It is set to launch this year only.

Apple’s new Apple TV+


Apple started its TV service with Apple TV+, a new subscription streaming service. At just $4.99 per month, the service will be available over 100 counties with new shows every month. While the iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch buyers can get a one-year free subscription worth $59.88.

Also, I read Apple planning to give free media content for device owners.

On genre, Shows will be in from normal drama to even Sci-Fi with mostly original series. The “See” trailer got debuted on the platform, with Jason Momoa aka Aquaman Actor being on the lead. Other originals include “The Morning Show”, “Dickinson” with acclaimed actors on the field.

Apple Arcade, the new Apple Gaming Platform


Apple Arcade has just been recently announced for all iPhone users, its gaming subscription services. All set to launch on September 19 over 150 countries and with cool new 100 games. Apple is also rolling out a new Arcade Game Tab to keep and house all the games, right in the App Store.

All new games, titles, story arcades will be added fresh every month. Users will get recommended to the best games, newest trailers and full game guides. It is even free for one month trial after launch.

New Apple iPads and Apple Store


The new 10.2 inch iPad is all set to replace the 9.7inch model and it looks so good. The devices come with a retina display, an 8 Million pixel camera with the powerful Apple A10 chipset. As acclaimed, it is faster than the most common PC processors in the tablet market.

With the iPads, Apple even released the Apple keyboard and its first-ever Apple Pencil. With iPhones and the new TV+ service, iPads will be available later around September 30, prices from $329. While educational users can get it for just $299.

With new products on the market, Apple is again re-establishing its flagship’s Fifth Avenue Store in New York, just on September 20. The company unveiled the store with a cool glass coating, but the entrance was closed in January 2017. The store was being moved to a temporary location. And the cube will be returned to its earlier shape with rainbow colors just temporary.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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