Aliens Could Get Attracted To Earth Due To Light And Sound

Artificial light was not possible until the time of Edison. As tesla did it million times better, the bulb was the real invention. For dealing with brightness. Oil lamps and the wood fire was good at old times. While now in the modern world, LEDs rule in almost everything. TV screens, microlights, and even households. As LEDs are way efficient and emit better light. Quite even visible from space. But is this dangerous? Can Aliens get attracted to earth due to light and sound waves? There might be a theory.

While theories have always amazed us in the worst ways. People did not like it at all. But can light be a source of attention? Forget spotlights on film stars, this is something different. Ever heard of Light pollution? This is also something too different.

What do you mean by Light pollution?


Just like noise and Air pollution, light pollution is also a thing. Naturally altering the lighting conditions at the time of night due to the extra or excess use of Artificial lights. During the night, certain processes go on. For example, plants rest at night. Strong sources of UV light can trigger their food production processes.

This can balance out Oxygen from the Air. Since too much oxygen is dangerous. And this is just one effect of Light pollution. Considerably, a more physics term of rays can also be used.

But how this is a near threat from outsiders?


Light attracts anything. There are several species as exceptions who negatively react to light. Light not only reflects from an object to our eyes. But it also reflects from our eyes to another object. However, near lands are cool with it. But it does leave our earth visible from other planets. Well, this is terrifying. If you know someone is keeping an eye on you, you did go all along rogue. (Your ISP currently does this).

Aliens could get attracted to earth


The direct topic might intrigue you, but these are referred to as species from the outside earth. Scientists don’t even know if this is the right word to use. As that’s rhetorical. But do aliens even carve out to near spaces? Like the milky way or even towards the earth?

They might. Or might not. This is completely unknown. We have eyes on the space. Completely into the whole solar system. Over 100 satellites roam the earth, space. And now one, even on the dark side of the moon. We have developed AI that can control satellites better than themselves. These can even use previous data to better align them. But is this technology enough to rival those of the aliens’?

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Life outside earth


Aliens could get attracted to earth, as earth emits a good amount of light. Not just Light, sound even plays an important. Scientists are always ready to test and send radio waves to deep space. Just to see if someone will respond to it. Specifically aliens. If they wish for it. Well, none have found so far any sort of results.

Or it’s just empty out there? Sci-Fi movies have depicted how aliens can be. They can friendly or violent. They can weird too. But not responding? That’s hard to believe.

Frank Drake used a high power radio wave transmitter in one of his experiments. He composed a radio wave and sent it to space, at Arecibo in Rico. Possibly, it is way far from us then we can even think of. But not any kind of results has been confirmed till now.

Earth’s Scientists readily look for SETI


SETI or search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence is now real. Scientists often get interested in these matters, as to lead into new discoveries. Well is it for good or bad, none matters at all? Discoveries of planets are now more optimal, as satellites evolved well. But continuing on that, SETI is now given more attention.

As hope to finding something always stays on. Research takes a lot of money. Some people already have a lot of it. As Yuri and Julia Milner stacked a staggering 100 Million USD to the Breakthrough Listening SETI project. It was meant to allocate time slots for the great telescopes to see into space. More accurately to detect for any kind of artificial signals from the space.

Can Aliens respond to earthly signals?


The concept and theory of Fermi Paradox, named after Fermi is unusual at times. The search via SETI is real, although no one ever found out anything. This clearly explains that nobody is listening. But is this true? Other species who might have received the signal, either did not understand it.

Or could not have the technology to respond to it. it might have been just like other common signals running in space. Radio communication is far better than light. Thus is it much more used in the space. As it also uses lesser energies. but efficiency comes later.

Are Aliens afraid of us?

Whenever we think that Aliens could get attracted to earth, we shiver. But do they? We indulge in deep space explorations (or at least might) in the coming years. For now, communication in deep spaces remains stays with radio waves for the better.

As waves can be intercepted into a receiver effectively. It can be sent to hyper long distances and still be recovered. But what if the aliens are afraid of us? As we might kill them. Or they are just within us looking similar. Signal anticipation might have come to their mind. They might not have responded to it.

Decreased Light and sound waves on space


With the involvement of better data transmission and latency, cables are actually more efficient. As they can do better than wires and accurately too. While this has highly decreased the number of rays, waves, EM waves going into space. This has made earth lower in volume. But the light still keeps intact.

At night, our earth becomes more lively than anything. Artificial light lits it up like a pool of fireflies. This is completely noticeable from space and will attract a lot of attention. But should we put them out? Just to keep earth low? This might be a viable option.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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