A Massive Asteroid Can Hit The Earth as Tweeted by Elon Musk

Asteroids have passed aside earth’s orbit over hundreds of times. Some even came on the orbit, near to the moon. This time, it might come near the earth’s surface. A Massive Asteroid can hit the earth as tweeted by Elon Musk recently on Monday. This had never occurred before a long time. The asteroid goes by the name of Apophis, is highly dangerous. It might be able to wipe off a percentage of humanity and the earth’s surface. As predictions are done by Musk, that it might hit the earth’s surface.

Massive asteroid Apophis might hit the earth

Named after the “God of chaos”. Apophis might come very near to the earth’s surface. As Space X CEO Musk predicts it. He said that it can come near 19,000 miles. While the invitation is already embraced by scientists and social media, we currently don’t have any defense. As he openly mentioned how the earth could be helpless at such a kind of planet destruction. Since there is a system to defend it from such asteroids.

How close will Apophis come to earth?


The fact that it will pass near to the earth’s surface is true. A near-earth asteroid that is near big as a small planet, sounds more terror. As reported, the distance between the earth’s surface and Apophis travel path might be small. Around 19,000 miles or around 31,000KM.

This is very near, around 10% of the distance of the moon from earth. The moon already causes tides. It’s 10 times far away. Asteroids don’t have any force fields or gravitational pull, so it won’t affect that much. But the trajectory and outer layer ignition can do vast damage, if too near the earth’s surface.

Scientists claim Apophis might be good for studies


While the great asteroid might destroy earth in a few minutes, it still makes arrangements for scientists. As in later years till 2029, it can be a great opportunity for science. Commented by Marina Brozovic, a radar scientist working at NASA for Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

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As it is one of the few asteroids coming near the earth that close. The asteroid will get monitored with radar and optical telescopes, even from the space. High-resolution capture might even help to study the details of the asteroid’s surface, even better. A detailed review might help with understanding what distant asteroids mostly consists.

History of near-earth asteroids


Apophis might be one of the few hundred thousand asteroids. To pass that close by the earth. There is a big chance of a close hit, approximately. Enough to hit the crust. To cause a massive 1000 mile area damage. As the 1100 foot wide asteroid can do good damage at least on the crust.

Apophis might be reported to be one of the biggest asteroids to pass by. Smaller asteroids of few meters in size. These are spotted most of the time inside orbits. Those are common. But similar to Apophis, asteroids don’t come this close. Not at all.

Apophis will be visible on the sky


Depending on speed and vaporization of the matter, Apophis will be seen from the sky. Like a shooting star, more brighter and faster, coming for the earth. It will easily pass the moon, even on the size, as near to earth. A giant asteroid, not any satellite or space debris just falling towards earth.

The first line of sight will be available from Southern Hemisphere. From there to the east to west of Australia. It will also traverse above the Indian Ocean, US, heading for Africa. The probability of touching the earth, around once in a hundred thousand events. But approximations are yet to be made more accurate, as scientists still have time.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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