10 Best free websites to learn Google Go programming language

Learning a programming language is hard. Very hard if you don’t the basics. There are a lot of online tutorials that can teach you programming in just an hour. But you won’t understand a thing or two. While this is similar for learning to Go, an easy language replacing the old grade high-performance languages. Not actually Java, but languages like C++. While, Go is as simple as Python, while it has an extreme level performance like C++. If you want to learn Go from the best, there are some websites that explain it in the right way. Read about these Go programming tutorials: 10 best free websites to learn Go instantly.

What is the Go programming language?

A new language in the world of programming, Go language just recently popped in the coding world. While deploying a specific syntax with simple keywords, Go maximizes performance and reliability.

The syntax is actually similar to javascript and c++ while dealing with higher-level data. If you are an old grade programmer, Go will become your taste easily. It is considered a quick learnable language like python while using simple and easy to read code. (Yes it is easier than python itself).

Why Go might make a difference?


Programming languages are judged by their syntax execution, LOC sizes, hardware machine interaction. And most importantly, the extent of data handling. IF you are familiar with Java and Python, these are powerful languages. But their level of code and execution sometimes makes a mess.

Both the languages are bit slower in execution time, which makes a sound in old computer servers. (As not everybody runs a rich facility). Plus, the reliability of a language to run better on workable machines is something much needed.


Having powerful resources is not the answer to slower languages. While old grade C, C++ is not everywhere used, as libraries are less for them to be implemented on other platforms. Also, there is a question of understanding the syntax.

Go language fills all of the blanks. As it is powerful, performance enabled, efficient, fast, near to the hardware machine. And easy to implement, replicating most of the syntax rules from C, C++, javascript. Yes, Go will make a difference in the coding world.

These are the best free websites that offer the best sort of tutorials and guides to learn the Go programming language.

Go tutorial at Tutorialspoint


One of the best and the simplest websites to learn any programming language. Tutorialspoint offers the simplest guidance to learn Go, instantly. The site employs concepts in the simplest way for even the novice programmers, without any experience at all. The site explains data handling, object-oriented programming too with proper examples. Besides tutorials, it offers several interactive exercises to solve in. If you are in a hurry to just grab the concepts for a quick learn, tutorialspoint also has a quick guide for you.

Click here

Golang tutorial – Learn Golang by Examples

Golang Tutorial is another free website resource to learn the entire Go programming language. One quite intuitive feature of the site is that it offers the whole tutorial in just one single page. This is just made to understand you, how quickly you can learn Go. Although small, it teaches all of the concepts, types, data handling.

It also touches the concepts of Object-Oriented programming. Thus you can touch the higher-level data handling with ease, just like in c++ and java. The site offers all of the tutorials for free with extensive visual level writing with creative illustrations.

Click here

Go: The Complete developer’s guide for free


Udemy is a well-known platform to learn anything for free. If you are a Computer guy, this should be your favorite platform. And for learning Go, udemy offers the complete developer grade knowledge. For free, instead of buying any sort of courses or books. The course is divided into concept handling groups.

Every group has a subset of chapters, required to learn to deal with the leveled problems easily. If you are going to the developer side via Go, this site is for you. All of the tutorials are instead in the form of videos. Thus it is also easy for you to grab the concepts with smaller time. All you need is just a couple of days.

Click here

Go by Example

Go programming is easy when you can easily understand the knowledge. Some tutorials are for experienced programmers. Some are for the noobies. If you are one of them, learning the Go programming language is easier with Go by Example. Completely grasping the knowledge is easy, but to learn it in depths is hard.

While this thing is over. Go is now a developing and a growing language. If you want to grasp all of the concepts with proper examples, this is your site. Learn with ease and try the examples. You can excel out better at it. Go by Example also offers project ideas to test out your coding skills.

Click here

Learn Go Programming language: Golang Tutorial for novice Beginners


If you instead love watching videos over youtube, you can try out this video for learning Go. Videos are highly anticipated to learn anything, providing you stay entertained for the whole time. Plus, videos show what an exact teacher or professor would show you in his class.

This is the same thing here, only you don’t provide the fees. As on youtube, everything is free to watch except for movies(that are paid). Well, in this video, you get to experience the whole Go language along with the compiler(online). It also teaches you about real-time programming concepts regarding files, types, exceptions.

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Goland Tutorial – Learn the whole Go Programming Language part by part

This is another channel if you are actually to dive in the concepts on your own, after each video. Especially for smart level programmers, who want to test their code immediately after learning.

Also, check 5 Best Programming Languages For Mobile Application Development. 

This is the best way to learn Go language if you need to learn the concepts once in for all. The videos explain the techniques, concepts, complex syntax, and data handling very easy. The Go chapters and subparts are separate in each of the videos. You can watch one, test out the code, understand the technique, include your own anomalies and move to the next one.

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Build Web Apps with Go programming Language


If you are now familiar with Go programming language, its time for you to move on to development. You might have tested all of the concepts, syntaxes, data handling techniques, loops, OOP structures and all. Now its for you to learn, how to apply them to deal with real-time applications.

This video from Learn To Code explains the right concepts required by you to learn, how to build a web app. Or a web application. (it is different from a website, where you use HTML and CSS). Building a web app is an advanced level programming, which most of the Go programmers should be able to do. And after learning Go, with some projects, this is your ideal field to experience and learn more.

Click here

Go programming Language via Bootcamp


Navigating to advanced learning sites, if you are not a simple guy, is another resource for you. Learning Go is actually easy if you have some background in the programming sense. Else if you want some competitive grounds, the Bootcamp website is the best to learn Go.

It provides extensive and complex level code in the first grounds to clear out your understanding in the first hand. As with broader concepts, Bootcamp employs better manipulative exercises, for you to test your codes. It is another type of platform if you looking to learn in the advanced level in the first hand.

Click here

Learn Go with CosmicLearn

A combination of some strong examples with a simple presentation of the concepts, CosmicLearn teaches Go quite in a quick way. The site offers better grade tutorials in a sorted way. This helps the learner to understand the techniques and concepts in a better way, clearing out all of the doubts.

Each and every chapter, subtopics have been clearly explained using an example. Examples illustrate the topics exactly what the topics are meant for. Also with quizzes and tests, this is an efficient website for you to learn Go easily.

Click here

Go Web Programming tutorial


Learning Go programming in the form of a programming language is cool. But for most of the developers, Go can be used in the web design too. As it is a very resourceful language, just like Python and Javascript. You can write interactive scripts to employ better web apps, web rich programs.

Most importantly you can design web tools even using your own structured AI modules. As with OOP grade language, which Go is, you can typically design anything for the web resources. Going for the web design? You should see this tutorial for sure.

Click here

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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