Complete Processes Of How Facebook, Google And Tesla Hire Employees

How Facebook, Google, and Tesla hire employees? – You might be curious to know this. Working at companies like Facebook, Google and Tesla is a dream of many. But everyone has no idea about the recruitment process. Besides, these companies have something special, consequently, to get a job there, you must have something special too. Furthermore, they look for marks at all, they believe in the talent and skills one has. Once you can prove that, you have the potential and the skill which can make an asset for the company, they will certainly pick you as their employee. Without further delay, let’s jump into the topic of How Facebook, Google, and Tesla hire employees?.

How does Google hire?


You might have found some riddles asked in the Google interview. Well, Google was one of such companies with would like to ask riddle-like brainteasers during interviews. However, Google figured out that, those questions were not suitable to judge a candidate’s ability to be an employee at Google. Consequently, they now rely on evaluation tests & structured interview questions.

Google designed its hiring procedure for efficiency. It won’t surprise you if we say, Google receives over one million applications each year. Well, that true. But the matter which will surprise you is, Google hires only around one percent of the total applicants. So, a Tough competition indeed!

If you are applying for engineering roles, you might not need to face an interview. Engineers submit their applications and are evaluated by other engineers from different departments of Google. They are randomly selected to participate in the hiring procedure. Consequently, a variety of employees get a chance to join the hiring process, as well as the quality of the hiring procedure, stays up to the mark.

Nowadays, the interview procedure at Google starts with standard phone screenings or video calls before moving onto interviews. furthermore, candidates spend the entire day on Google’s campus or one of the satellite offices. this is common for interviewers to ask a series of situational & behavioral questions. And if you are lucky, you might also get the freedom to choose questions.

To hire coders or developers, Google uses coding tests in order to evaluate candidates’ technical skills. Candidates must complete the exercise during the interview, they can’t take it home. Furthermore, most of the exercises are done on a whiteboard or even paper. The goal here is, to see candidates’ work and insight into their thinking. Above all, this process is one of the best ways to hire employees at Google. Because it can evaluate the mindset as well as the knowledge of the candidate.

What happens next?

Google’s hiring team members use an internal system to rank candidates on a four-point scale. The hiring committee of Google uses an aggregate of the rankings to come to a final decision while considering some other factors.

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How does Facebook hire?


The hiring procedure at Facebook sounds quite typical yet thorough. The procedure starts with phone interviews with recruiters and potential team members. After that, the candidates visit the Facebook campus for a series of in-person interviews and a tour to make them feel welcome and help them relax before they sit in the interview. However, not unlikely to Google’s hiring procedure, the hiring procedure of Facebook is able to efficiently find the most suitable person for the job among the millions of applicants.

Generally, Facebook interviewers ask Engineers and developers to complete their tasks there or take home or sometimes to complete on a whiteboard. They design dimple questions so that candidates need no more than 30 minutes to solve. Besides the answers, the interviewers consider the approach of solving by the candidates. Certainly, it helps to figure out the mindset of a candidate.

Facebook values candidates with different experience, For both tech and non-tech jobs. Furthermore, the company is constantly innovating, that’s why they look for people who can step into new roles with different teams according to the requirement.

What happens next?

The hiring committee of Facebook also uses an internal solution to submit feedback on candidates. Facebook askes the interviewers to summarize how the interview went, give a yes or no on if Facebook should hire the candidate or not and answer how confident the candidates were in their decision on a four-point scale. Once they submit their feedback, each hiring team members can see how others answered. the committee of the hiring makes the final decision. it consists of managers and directors who take the interviewer’s reviews into account and weigh other factors suggested b the candidates.

How does Tesla hire?


Certainly, Tesla has joined the innovative clubs of Facebook and Google. Tesla also searches for the brightest mind out there, which may turn out to be an asset for the company. Unlike Facebook’s & Google’s hiring process, Tesla’s hiring process is quite different.

Many people consider Tesla for testing candidates’ resolve through challenging interviews. You will be surprised to know, the hiring a team of tesla sometimes askes to give a presentation to the hiring team on a project they had worked on in the previous job. Interviewers also ask questions on their presentation before participating in a one-on-one interview related to the role. It sounds pretty complicated!

Previous experiences believe that the interview questions are quite pointed. Interviewers ask candidates if they’re really up for the challenge and told no one is going to hold their hand if they’re hired. The hiring personnel makes it clear that Tesla has a lot of candidates to consider & each one needs to prove why they’re the best one for the job. Certainly is sounds harsh. Above all, Tesla considers the voices and ideas of its employees. That’s why it makes sense that the company is diligent when hiring.

For technical roles, hiring personnel askes the candidates to complete tests and evaluation exercises. Unlike Facebook and Google, the tests of Tesla focus on physics and mechanical engineering instead of computer coding.

What happens next?

Beyond being brilliant Tesla seeks something else in the candidates. The Elon Musk has stated in more than once in different interviews that he wants to hire people who want to revolutionize the way we live. Many tech companies claim the dame. But Tesla and SpaceX and SolarCity – Elon Musk’s companies have proves in very well that they are working to improve humanity and our planet.

So, you know now How Facebook, Google, and Tesla hire employees.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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