Your ISP Know That What You Are Doing On Internet. ISP Tracking? Online History?

Short InfoX- The thing is that whatever you done yesterday on the Internet that I know everything. Now, you are thinking that how I know it? Now you got shocked? Right? That How I know it? Guys, you leave what I told you Just now. But think about your ISP ( Internet Service Provider) that what he knows. What you are searching on Internet.

If I will talk about your normal routine and normal lifestyle then here we all keep our things private or personal. Like when we meet strangers we never give them full personal details Like your full name, your home address, your monthly income etc. We only do friendship first with that person and then slowly- slowly will share some personal details also with him or her. But their are some thing also that we will never share with anyone and completely we keep it private. But, when I will talk about coming online or coming on Internet we have a mobile device or computer with us and we will use it by shutting down the door. We have a Internet connection and we thinks that we are away from the whole world and we are secure also. And we thinks that whatever sites we are opening that only I know and my device know it. Whatever work I’m doing is completely private.

Sometimes for we use incognito window also in google chrome and things that we are more safe now. This is a very wrong thinking that you have.


We use Internet by using any SIM or by any broadband but we are taking Internet connection from someone. We get Internet from our ISP after him only we get our site where we have to work. The company which giving signals to your SIM or the wires which connected with your broadband that company knows everything whatever we are doing on the Internet.

But we need to know that what privacy can be known by our ISP and what they can’t know. Let’s discuss about it.

  • First, thing is that on which-which site you have visited that your ISP knows. If you open Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. whatever they know it. Because they are providing data to you after that only.
  • Second, thing is that your ISP can know that on which site what work you have done. Only, if that site is unscripted.
  • Third, thing that your ISP don’t know that what is your mail id and password when you login to Facebook or G-mail etc. because these sites and that Logins are encrypted.


Sometimes on which site you visit and it is unscripted then their may be chances that. That site may be sell your data to anyone or can use it for improving their services because selling personal details in market has a good value.


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