World’s Largest Solar Park in India “Shakti Sthala” – 2000MW of Solar Power

Short InfoX- we all need energy and energy is our prime requirement and the special thing in this is that the, Energy is neither created or nor can be destroyed. This energy only convert form one form to another form. Whether we generate energy from Coal or from solar power plant and the best thing is that, The India also come in this line with World’t biggest Solar Plant.

We all know that, whatever fossil fuels we have like coal, oil etc. they will get end up one day. So, because of this we need some options which can work for lifelong without any much tension and we can use them. And the main thing with that we can save our earth. In India we have the shortage of Electricity in some places. But, in India their is not a shortage of sunlight and bright etc. so because of no shortage of Sunlight the best thing come in India is Solar Plant for genreting electricity. And the best thing the India has started Worlds biggest solar park and this left back to China’s solar park.


And new thing is that if you rank Top 10 Solar Parks according to capacity. So, from these to 10 parks, 5 parks are from India. And the name of this park is Shakti Sthala,in Karnataka. The capacity of this park is 2,000 MW and here the china’s park capacity was 1547 MW and we can produce more than it. In starting India’s Solar Park will work with 600 MW and at the end of the year it will start working with it’s full Capacity 2000 MW. The total area of the Park was 13,000 acre. 2300 farmers given their land for this. The best thing that done by government was that, this land of farmers was totally bad it was not useful for these farmers, so that government taken their land for rent and will pay 21,000 per year to each land owner for the lifetime and with that we public will also get fresh electricity.

So, this is the Shakti Sthala Park of India works with 2,000 MW and world’d biggest Solar Park.


Guys, if you are thinking that what is 1,000 MW or 2,000 MW. So, let me tell you. The light which we use in our home that we count in units or 1 Kilowatt per hour = 1 Unit. So this Solar Park of India 2,000 MW can provide electricity to approx 20 Lakh houses. But, this Solar Power not works with their full energy Because we not have sunlight for 24 Hours.

But the advantage is that, these solar power plants are not costly. Many peoples in villages use these solar powers to get electricity in their home.


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