Why can’t we see Black Hole? [Mystery of Black Hole]

Why can’t we see Black Hole: With the help of technology, we are having images of exoplanets far away from the earth, and stars and galaxies at the edge of the universe.

So, we are having images of almost every cosmic object out in the space.

But, we are still waiting for the images captured by the Event Horizon Telescope.

Images from this telescope will provide a view of the environment of a Black Hole for the very first time.

The primary goal here is just to capture the environment around the black hole. It is technically impossible to capture an image of a black hole.

So, we’ll never have an image of it. Do you know why? Here’s everything about it:

Why can’t we see Black Hole?

A Shadow of Black Hole:

Since the general theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, black holes have been on the heat.

According to Einstein’s theory, an object in the universe warps as many fabrics of the universe (spacetime) as its size.

The effect of warping makes the surrounding object’s orbit or collide around their more massive neighbors with a gravitational pull.

Why can't we see Black Hole?

At the same time, Einstein was worried about the effect of his own theory.

When you compress a star’s mass into a very little space, every law of physics would fail and density and gravity could reach infinity.

A year later, scientists confirmed his claims and said that many massive stars regularly collapse due to this effect.

Gravity and density work together which gives rise to a sphere-shaped region in the space.

This region has such a strong gravitational pull that even light cannot escape. This region is the one we call black hole which emits or reflects light.

So, the above definition of black hole suggests the reason why we could never technically capture an image of a black hole.

If we see from the technical point of view, even shadows do not emit light. Still, we can see them as they have a contrast with the surrounding light.

So, we have the same plan for imaging black holes. We could easily capture light-emitting stuff around it.

To understand this, you must know about the event horizon. The border around the black hole from where you can or can’t escape is called event horizon.

With a very strong pull, black holes attract gas and dust, and these particles spin around the black hole at a very high speed.

Ultimately, it releases X-rays and gamma rays that are visible through a telescope. So, for this, we have Event Horizon Telescope.

The Smallest and the farthest

Why can't we see Black Hole?

The Event Horizon Telescope is one of the greatest achievements.

It is a combination of 15 – 20 radio telescopes placed all around the world and separated by about 12,000 kilometers. All of them point at the same object.

Such a structure allows having an Earth-sized telescope which could even spot a fly on the moon.

As huge black holes at the centers of galaxies are very tiny, such a telescope would become really beneficial.

For example, we have the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, ‘Sagittarius A*’.

But, it will be very critical for capturing as it is the largest one.

It is even more complicated due to the fact that it is 27,000 light years away from the Earth.

Astronomers working on the Event Horizon Telescope claims that they have already solved this problem.

They just need a way of translating the data into a clear image by using special algorithms.

We’ll soon have the very first images of black holes’ shape, size, and its surrounding environment.

Also, it would suggest many other characteristics of black holes.


Hopefully, you understand Why can’t we see Black Hole.

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