WhatsApp to add edit text feature soon.

  • The edit option on WhatsApp is currently under development.
  • The feature was being tested on the WhatsApp beta
  • WhatsApp may get an edit button sooner than Twitter.

WhatsApp is soon going to release the new feature of editing the messages. This might come before Twitter release any edit options. The messaging app was testing the edit button on the beta version of the app. Currently, WhatsApp does not have any edit option. A text once sent can only be deleted, not edited, but the upcoming feature could make editing texts after sending them possible.

A website that tracks all the WhatsApp-related developments, known as Wabetainfo first reported this news.  WhatsApp has recently made some big changes to the way we message people, after releasing the feature to react to messages.

WhatsApp will now let users edit messages after sending them. WhatsApp was reported to start working on the feature five years ago but left it soon after it was reported on Twitter. However, finally, after a gap of five years, WhatsApp has started working on the edit feature all over again.

Wabetainfo has recently shared the screenshot of the edit feature that is currently being developed. The screenshot shows a new edit option when you can select a message you have sent. Along with options to copy and forward the messages, the users will also get an edit option.

Upon selecting the edit button, you can correct any typing error, or spelling error in your message even after you have sent it. The current setup only allows users to delete the message. You can not unsend it or edit it.

 Wabetainfo reports suggested that “Probably there won’t be an edit history to check previous versions of edited messages, but since this feature is under development, their plans may change before releasing the feature. In addition, details about the time window to let people edit their messages are unknown at the moment, but we will immediately let you know when there is news,”

The feature was being tested on WhatsApp beta for Android. Reports said that WhatsApp is working on bringing the same feature to WhatsApp beta for iOS and Desktop. Not much of details are available for this currently.

However, since this feature is under development, it cannot be assumed clearly when the feature will be ready for a stable update, but WhatsApp may release it out soon to more beta users.


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