What’s wrong with Huawei, and why are UK, USA against huawei’s 5G

As we all know that Huawei is a big company and have a huge value in the field of networking. China has been working on a 5G network to build its market in other countries but America is opposing to bring 5G in his country and others. Two big countries are colliding with each other for the 5G network.

The U.S is felling offensive for the China technology of 5G wireless network. Which having a ten time faster speed than other networks And the U.S says that Huawei is creating a big problem for all mobile operators if they start 5G advanced technologies. The U.S thinks that China is trying to find out our secret information.

U.S Worried for China 5G


The United States is worried about the threats which China can do with them by misuse of 5G technology. The U.S says that China having a huge collection of data from American network, western network. And the major factor is that China can apply that technology in missiles operation, and for military intelligence for getting codes of other countries. It will be helping them in economic growth, and it will pace their lifestyle by 5G.


U.S is trying to convince other countries like New Zealand, Australia, U.K, that not to allow Huawei materials into the competition of “Superfast 5G Network” because it could be used by Chinese Government for Spying in other countries.

There will be more chances of cyber attacks and other problems. U.S Government has prohibited the contractors of Chinese and using China equipment in their computer.
The U.S has stopped using all products of China, to took out China from 5G.

China’s Huawei Opinion on 5G


Huawei says that they not done anything wrong, and they have already built up a 5G network in a very strong way compare to any other. Huawei says that to do business in New Zealand is better for their economies.

What America wants to do 


America is making pressure on Europe that not to allow China ‘Huawei’ company to make business in their country. America says that after Banning Huawei from Europe their value will decrease in the market for some time and it will not easy for them to fill the space again. It will majorly effect on 5G all over worldwide where they have established 5G.

Decision of China


Huawei founder told that if the U.S doesn’t allow them to do business in their country than they will do in U.K. U.K was thinking to buy some pieces of equipment from others and from ‘Huawei’ in March and April. And they told that they will work according to the limited risks of its technology.

Huawei is interested to invest in U.K and they have promised also to U.K to work with them, but if they don’t work with the U.S than they will work together with U.K.


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