What is Web and Internet? Both Are Same Or Different? Let’s Know

Short InfoX- We are using Internet from too many days and many times you have told to someone that, this thing I want to search on Web. I want to search this thing on Net. But, do you know that the Internet and Web both are different thing? So, Guys continue reading this article and I will talk about the Difference between Web and Internet only.

We thinks that the Internet and Web both are the same thing and they have different names. But if you comes from the Computer Science background then you know that their is a big difference between Web and Internet. Internet is totally different thing and the web is totally another thing. So, first I will discuss about Internet.


The Internet means the Inter-connected Networks or the connection of too many networks. Their are too many things like mobile,tablet,computer,laptop or smart T.V etc. the things which are connected to Internet or have a Internet connection with them. Then these Internet connected devices makes a cage and they can communicate with each other by Wireless or by wired connections. So this Cage Connection of all over the world connected devices is called Internet. With the connection of devices we can communicate with each other and can do many works with it.


But, now you thinks that what is Web?

Web – [ WWW: World Wide Web] 

WWW is invented by Tim Berners-Lee on March, 12, 1989. He was a British computer scientist and a former employee of CERN. Tim Berners-Lee used NeXt Computer as a world’s first web server and to write the first web browser. The World Wide Web is a set of all the websites connected to the internet worldwide. It is also known as WWW or Web. It is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet. A webpage may contain texts, images, and other multimedia. You can access a webpage by the use of a web browser and navigate between them by using hyperlinks.

Following is the list of several popular web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Netscape Navigator etc.

The web is only WWW Means those are the websites to whom we are able too seeing through the Internet. Internet is like a backbone of all networks. Suppose you are reading this article on our site it is not Internet this is only web. Somewhere the data of this site is stored and you are able to read this article. Internet is a physical network which connect our computer with all other devices. And web is a extra service which we use and for using this web we need a Internet. But when we use some Apps like whatsapp, we use this app with the help of Internet but we are not using Internet on Web we are using it on one app.


The Internet was not owned by anyone, their is not any country who owns this Internet. The Internet is automatically growing by the Increasing of devices.  If Internet was not their then we can’t use anything. Like Web, apps, emails etc. But if we not have web only then we not have WWW. only but we can use that Internet in Whatsapp, gmails, etc.

So, I hope you get the understanding about what is Web? and What is Internet? Internet is very important to us if we not have internet then we can’t access anything.


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