How To Watch Netflix, Prime, Hulu Content for Free in 2020

Watch netflix content free

Let us accept the fact that the digital platforms of multimedia have got all the fun! The days are gone when people wait for every Friday to see a new release in the cinema. The conventional medium of entertainment is gradually being overthrown by the modern mediums, which guarantees double entertainment with a premium benefit of lying on our couch and hopping on our favorite snack!

Let us accept another fact, that affording the bills of prime, Netflix, and Hulu every month isn’t exactly what we want. We love the content for sure but do not have a pinch affection with its prices affecting our budget. So, Here is how you can watch Netflix content for free and not only netflix but also Prime, HULU, and other OTT platforms.

How To Watch Netflix content Free

Watch netflix content free

What is the solution of these expensive applications! You are a lucky generation that you live in a tech-savvy world where every solution is made before announcing a problem!

Watched application is the hero of all such people who want to access the content of Netflix, Premium, and Holo without burning any holes in their pockets.

Let us look deep in the features and installation steps of Watched App:

Feature of Watched App:

  • The first and foremost feature of Watched App that makes it this content worthy is that it is free. It privileges you to binge-watch your favorite TV shows, series, movies, and a lot more at absolute zero cost.
  • Another feature that makes it worthy is that it is “Ad-free’. It means your binge-watching will not be interrupted by any irritating ad.
  • Another promising feature of the Watched App is that it has almost all the content you love. From your favorite web series to the new release movies, get all in one place.
  • If you are a subtitle lover or live to watch content in different languages using subtitles, then the Watched App will serve your purpose correctly.
  • It provides you all the paid content of Hotstar Disney plus Hotstar and Netflix, and other premium shows free of cost.

It was a sneak peek into the attractive features of Watched App that brings it into the mobiles of all the digital content lovers. But every coin has two sides, and before installing this

the App, you must be aware of both sides of this App.

The Pros of Watched Apps

  • It is an absolute free multimedia browser that allows you to access the premium content without spending a single bug from your pocket.
  • Free from advertising, which gives a better user experience.
  • You can get easy access to almost all the movies, web series, and Tv shows released after the 1900s at one platform.
  • Watch the content of different languages using subtitles.
  • If you have the updated version, you can download the movies for offline viewing.
  • You do not need to compromise with the video quality as you see your favorite show in high Video resolutions.

The cons of Watched apps

  • Bit of server issue. One needs to have a technical mind to adjust the servers to work well with the application.
  • You have to ensure an uninterrupted fast internet connection. This is to ensure playback error as the long gap before resuming the video can get on your nerves.
  • You need to hold patience while dealing with unwanted pop-up messages.
  • You might counter some buffering issues as well.
  • Cannot change the audio, which means that if the series is originally in English, you can only watch it in English.
  • You cannot connect the App with your TV, limiting you from the fun of binge-watching your favorite show on TV big screen.

There might be cons, but people open-heartedly accept it with all its faults, the pros are certainly more substantial than the cons.

How to Install Watch App on your mobile?

Follow the below steps to download Watched App in your device and run it:

  • Open your play store on your mobile and search for the Watched App.

How To Watch Netflix, Prime, Hulu Content for Free in 2020

  • Once you find the application, download it.
  • Once installed, open the App and click on the + sign at the top right corner of the App.

  • The type “‘” and tap on Continue.

How To Watch Netflix, Prime, Hulu Content for Free in 2020

  • You can now search for any premium content. Enjoy it!

Final Words

It was all about the Watched App, where you can watch netflix content free. Of Course, it is free of charge and an easy option for you. But if you can afford it, it is advisable to go for the original multimedia browsers only as per legal concerns.

Watched App is an alternative, and you can go for it in extreme situations. Simply download login and enjoy it!


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