Want to cancel your Disney subscription? Here are a few steps

Want to cancel your Disney subscription? Here are a few steps
via Want to cancel your Disney subscription? Here are a few steps

Many animated movies and series fans have the Disney subscription. If you’re a fan of Marvel, some classic Cinderella-type movies, or even Star Wars, it is a good option for you. The majority of people have a lot of platforms to watch from. 

The price for each subscription is a mere amount of $6.99 per month and $69.99 per year. But some think it still hasn’t reached the potential to glue its users to the screen, and thus want to cancel it. People try to trim their service span, but still, are failing at some point. 

You don’t lose the services you’ve paid for 

If you think you’ll cancel and lose the services for the further months you’ve paid for, you’re wrong. You get the services for the span you’ve paid for, even if you cancel it in the middle. 

Although if you’re not certain about paying for the services provided by the company, you can take a 7-day-trial. With the trial, you can assure yourself and take the final decision of purchasing it or not. 

The steps of cancellation are as follows 

1. Open ‘Disney Plus‘ in any browser of your choice. Click ‘Profile‘ which you’ll find on the right side of the screen. Then from the options that come up, click on ‘Account‘. Then select the ‘Billing Details‘ option. As soon as you’ll click this option, you’ll find a path to cancel your subscription.

2. When you click that, a ‘Complete Cancellation‘ option will appear, which will further explain to you the number of days left as per your pack.

3. A screen will appear to ask why you decided to cancel. That’s it, you’re done!

Your days can be now utilized by watching all kinds of TV shows, even the ones which aren’t censored. Your time into the Disney Vault is now over and is open to all sorts of shows and movies. 

How to cancel the trial version? 

If you want to cancel your trial pack, the steps are similar to this one. If you cancel your trial a day before it gets over, you may save money and not be charged ahead for a month. Disney Plus warns you about this happening while you enter your card or PayPal details. 

But, everything comes with a condition. If you wish to resubscribe through an account that has received a trial, you won’t get another trial version of 7 days. 

You won’t get a Disney membership ‘absolutely free’ 

If you think there is a chance to get a free Disney Plus membership by chance, this is a disappointing fact for you. No, the company does not offer any free packages apart from the trial version, and that too lasts for just 7 days. 

Apart from that, if you really want some good deals on the online platform, Verizon users may get happy. Verizon network users get a free yearly subscription of Disney Plus if they use the Unlimited pack. 


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