Video Authenticator Tool Soon To Be Unveiled by Microsoft

Video Authenticator Tool Soon To Be Unveiled by Microsoft- feature image

Microsoft is ready to launch a video Authenticator which will uproot the deepfakes. The Deepfakes are been trending in the world right now.

Deepfakes are video forgeries, they imitate a powerful personality and misuse to viral fake and doctored content.

The latest prey of the Deepfakes is Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook and Nancy Pelosi (US HouseKeeper).

Microsoft with the help of the AI tools will launch a video authenticator tool to find out Deepfakes among real videos.

Microsoft Video Authenticator can detect synthetic media

Microsoft Video Authenticator can detect synthetic media

Many media files are content editing of the real. There is other media as well as the photos and audio files. They are the ‘Synthetic media’. They are a copy or duplicate of original content.

Microsoft’s Video Authenticator tool closely studies synthetic media. It gives the percentage the media is found to be artificially hindered.

The tool tells the time-lapse in which the video is suspected to be altered when it is a video.

People making Forged videos do minor changes in the lip movement of the person. They show them speaking something which they didn’t say in the video.

Video Authenticator makes hefty use of AI

Video Authenticator makes hefty use of AI

Artificial Intelligence has wide applications in all sectors in the present times. The studying of any picture or video so minutely to detect changes is impossible without AI.

The AI techniques and tools quickly find out the greyscale elements. They also spot the subtle fading in the synthetic media.

The AI techniques are also known to fail in some cases of forgery detection. Therefore one needs to be very careful with the results of Deepfakes detection.

There are many tools which can help in finding the authenticity of any media. However, Microsoft has come up with its Authentication tools.

Authentication Technology by Microsoft

Authentication Technology by Microsoft

The Authentication technology by Microsoft works in two steps. The first is the inclusion of certificates and digital hashes in the content. This is a built-in feature in the Microsoft Azure.

The content creator assigns every piece of content a certificate and some digital hashes.

The next step is the reader, a reader can be an extension of the browser. The work of the reader is to match the digital hashes and check the certificate for its authenticity.

The reader works with high accuracy and tells us about the authenticity of the content. It even tells the details of the person who created the content.


In the coming times, AI can be highly misused for serious crimes for instance Deepfakes. There is a need for strong tools like Video Authenticator. They can remove synthetic media from all platforms.

The increasing AI techniques and its applications can circumvent the current technology checks.

However, in the crucial times when we are welcoming the US election. Even the present technology tools can prove to be of utmost help in fighting with the Deepfakes.


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