U.S. Government Bans The Use Of Huawei And ZTE Tech

Today, Trump signed a new agreement for the US Government. With the new agreement into effect, the US Government and its contractors cannot use Huawei and ZTE Technologies. The ban was imposed as a part of the Defense Authorization Act in the US. The ban was imposed as a part of the national security measure. The two Chinese companies are viewed as a national security threat hence are banned from the government use. The ban was supposed to be instated a few months ago on ZTE but was postponed due to some reasons. Finally, Congress decided that no components from Huawei, ZTE, and other Chinese providers should be used.

The passed bill covers the ban of components from Huawei and ZTE which are technically dangerous. The bill allows some of the component from the company to be used within the US government but not all. The components which can route or view data from banned from usage. Due to the ban, some of the businesses might have to change their tech and hence several agencies have notified businesses for funding.

Huawei And ZTE Responds

Huawei responded to the issue. They wrote in the mail that the ban was an extra addition. The bill was already ineffective and misguided. The inclusion of the ban will now mean that the cost of the devices and products will be increased for the consumers and the business people. When asked if they are challenging the law, Huwaei did not respond much. They said that “We always unsure about the safety of our devices and the network”.

ZTE was also not very impressed with the new law being instantiated. Trump was in favour of ZTE and lifted the ban on them before. But the Commerce Department already found some faults which resulted in the ban being held again on the companies.


Huwaei and ZTE have been a long-term member in the US law. Previously in 2012, both the companies were accused of national security threat issue. At that time, it was suggested that the US government should stop using components to keep the nation more secure. With the ban, Huawei and ZTE cannot ply their work with the government officially. It could prove a way for the other companies to make their entrance into the US government.


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