Top websites to find high paying internships for students

Every college student dreams of getting a real-life experience of the actual office space atmosphere so that they can be aware of the ways. But they also fear the pressure of time against work and the extra load from the work, as a solution to this, they try looking for internships but often get confused about which site to start their search from.

Another reason to do internships is to gain experience, not just in the workings of the office but also to experience work-life balancing. It trains you for your adult life. Internships are also a great way for students who are unsure about their future to try different industries.

Here is a list of a few best websites where students can find great internships


  • Type of internship: part-time/full time

The unique thing about FreshersWorld is its contact with the government sector. FresherWorld is a very efficient website to apply for jobs within government institutions as this allows students the chance to search for internships both in the private and public sectors.

This website for internships in India accumulates the data of CVs posted by students. And opens it up to the different companies. It is originally a job portal but is also one of the best internship sites in India.


  • Type of internship: part-time/full time

The workings of Youth4Work are different from other websites. Like others, Youth4Work doesn’t offer students a list of internship opportunities but it uses a testing method to categorize students into different types.

This test is a helper in helping you find the career path that is best for your skills. After the test users are offered internships and even job opportunities. So, Youth4Work is like the marketplace for talent as the website identifies the specific talent in every user and accordingly presents them with different opportunities.

Chegg Subject Experts

  • Type of internship: part-time

Chegg Subject Experts are freelancers who are good in a particular subject. They are hired to respond to the problems posed by students. These experts can work from home to answer the various questions that students put up on the website.

For every question answered, Chegg pays you with a pre-decided amount. The more you help other students clear their problems, the more money you earn. The top experts at Chegg can earn up to one lakh rupees per month.


  • Type of internship: part-time/full time

It offers a huge variety for college students to categorize and assemble their past experiences after creating an online profile with the information. The students can explore thousands of internship listings that range from different industries.

Work from home internships offers great relief to college students who find it hard to manage their classes and internships together. Most students seek internships in their summer breaks. Therefore, students can do work-from-home internships even when they are busy with morning classes. Work from home opportunities offers students the flexibility to organize their day and allow time for work that suits them.


  • Type of internship: part-time/full time

This is a student discovery platform that offers different services to students and allows them to come together to exchange ideas.

There are also certain internship opportunities that students can get personally notified about. Students can make this selection based on their search results. After this, all you have to do is to apply using the online CV.

Here you also have to verify your skills. This process is set up while you are registering your account. This makes your profile more approachable and you a more eligible for certain posts.


  • Type of internship: part-time/full time

This is a professional networking website also very popular for finding internships. College students can come here for the internships they offer and create a professional profile that can be shared with professional contacts. LinkedIn uses a method of forming connections to gain friends on your profile.

On the home page, search for internships. This might ask you for your local pin code, and after that, it will present a list of companies.


  • Type of internship: part-time/full time

It is one of the largest internship platforms in India. It not just provides internships but also trains students to gain specific skills.

Students have to create their accounts by filling out a signup form. This form includes details about your education, previous work experiences, awards, etc. Once you select the company you want to apply to, you will have to answer 2-3 questions. Then you will receive a callback for an interview if you are selected.

The company selection is very huge here, from MNCs to small businesses and digital marketing to content writing. It offers students a wide range of industries that you can get.


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