TOP MAG WORLD, a young magazine created by Massénat James covering cultural and global news.

Created by the young Massénat James, TOP MAG WORLD is a magazine specializing in world and cultural news. I created this project because I am in love and passionate about the profession of journalist, said the founder of the magazine in an interview with Juno7.

TOP MAG WORLD was created in February 2021. This platform aims to inform Internet users about everything that is happening around the world regarding cultural news, among others. “I am a person who likes to research global news. I wondered why not create a platform whose objective is to share the information I found using this research in order to inform the Haitian community as well as foreigners,” he detailed.

Spreading cultural and global news, TOP MAG WORLD has about 50,000 people who follow it on the web. Massénat James expressed his contentment. “It’s a young magazine full of the future. The feedback is very positive on the part of our subscribers,” he proudly said.

This young magazine with more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, 4 thousand followers on Twitter as well as on Facebook, wants to take a new step in the media landscape. With its editor Kenson Oreste, Massénat James intends to move forward more and more to achieve the goal set. “We work very hard on a daily basis to improve our quality of work, a way to give better results,” he said.

Massénat James is 19 years old. He is a journalist and graphic designer. He joined the sector in 2020. In 2022, he obtained a certificate from Reuters for training in the introduction to digital journalism. His dream is to become an icon in the media world.


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