Top Highest Paying Internship Websites For Students

Every student in today’s generation is willing to multiwork and develop skills to benefit in real life problems. Students want to gain some experience in the virtual workplace, and find a remote internship using one of these sites. If there is one thing that can define the post-pandemic work situations, it is remote work. As full-time and part-time employees go back home to work in the comfort of their bedroom, internship positions that provide work from home are a blessing.

Many companies are now offering virtual internship programs. This way, university students don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain work experience to prepare them for the job market and also manage their college work. Many websites offer virtual internship programs for students and the best part is, they are all free.

Here are the top websites that offer virtual internship for students

1. Forage

Forage is one of the top virtual internship website for university students. Previously known as Inside Sherpa, the website works with a good 500 companies to offer students free remote internships anytime, anywhere regardless of a student visa or work status.


Forage offers virtual internships in a wide range of industries, including accounting, investment banking, consulting, engineering, software development, and so on. Renowned multinational companies that are on Forage include JPMorgan, Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, and Citi.

How To Apply

All you have to do is create an account with your email, and you can enroll yourself in the internship programs right away. You will be given real-life work samples, and at the end of each task, you are given the opportunity to self-assess your own work.

After completing the virtual internships, you can also add the experience to your CV and LinkedIn profile to boost your employability.

2. Practicum Digital

Practicum Digital is a virtual internship program that partners with professionals in Silicon Valley to provide eight-week programs for students interested in the tech industry. Next-generation tech skills are in demand. So if you are a student in STEM, your future ahead is bright.


With internships in UX/UI product design, data and analytics, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and iOS and Android app design, Practicum Digital will likely have a place for your ideal field in tech.

How To Apply

Applying for Practicum Digital is easy. Interested applicants have to first create an account with their email address, then build a personal profile. Based on your skills, you will be assigned to a group of 12 interns under the supervision of a mentor from Silicon Valley, New York, or around the world.

3. Google Internships+

Securing an internship at Google is a dream for many. Now, you can easily access the company’s internship programs through Internships+, which is a new initiative for enthusiastic interns who aspire to make a change with Google.


Internships+ doesn’t just offer opportunities in tech. If you’d like to work in the business or marketing side of the tech industry, there are internship positions in sales and people operations as well.

How To Apply

All you have to do is create an account with your email, and you can enroll yourself in the internship programs right away.

The internships are available in the US and other major cities around the world, including London, Paris, Seoul, and Zurich. If you’d like to challenge yourself further, Internships+ also has annual global coding competitions where STEM students can work their way to the world finals.

4. Work At A Startup

Some students prefer to gain experience in a startup company before moving on to work under a large corporation. That’s why Work at a Startup can help students to gain that environment.


So if you’re looking for virtual internships in marketing, full-stack engineering, business development, or even biotech, check out Work at a Startup.

How To Apply

The application process is fairly simple compared to the others on this list: just fill in one single application form, and the website will match you with the right startup companies based on your skills and background. However, if you are interested in virtually interning for a specific company on the website, you can apply directly as well.

With remote work quickly becoming the norm in many workplaces, Work at a Startup is growing in popularity among university graduates seeking virtual internships.

Virtual internships are a great way for you to gain real workplace experience, even if you are at home. But remember, before applying on any of these websites, make sure that you have your resume and cover letter updated. Also, make sure to take it as a learning platform and not as a money making platform.


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