Top 16 most funniest, coolest and strange patents from the 1870s to the 1950s.

Let us start with telling you that a patent is a form of intellectual property that gives its owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing an invention for a limited period of years, in exchange for publishing an enabling public disclosure of the invention. In simple words, it could be said as the ideas that were registered.

Here we take a look at the strangest and funniest ideas or patents that existed in the earlier periods from the 1870s to the 1950s. we will look over at various patents including from a reversible car to a rocking bathtub and a hair-cutting device that gives and achieves the perfect bowl cut.

Reversible Car 


It was one of a kind car as could be driven from both backward and from forward. It had a pivoted front and back sections that can be driven from both ends. The car was designed by M A C Alamagny, patent no. 2656214, October 1953.

Alarming Bed 


It was a kind of bed which would have worked better than any of our modern alarm clocks. It was a bed which worked by tipping the sleeper to a 45-degree angle when it is time for them to get up. The patent was registered by Ludwig Ederer in February 1900. (patent no. 643789)

Sewing Machine Scissors 


It was a small sewing machine which is attached to a pair of scissors so that the cutting motion is the sewing action. The patent was registered by Joseph E Hendrick October 1858 (patent no. 21722).

Floor-Polishing Shoes 


This was a rather useful invention even though it was a little strange. Floor-Polishing shoes were a pair of slippers, joined by a cord, It was designed by Lili Aline McGrath to make polishing floors easier on April 1915. (Patent no. 1136150)

Portable Hammock 


It was a small portable travel hammock slung between two chairs on a train. Which was ideal for relaxing on cramped journeys. It was designed by H M Small in March 1889. ( patent no. 400131)

Horse Head Lamp 


It was a road lantern which is fixed to the horse’s bridle and balances between its ears on a small cap. The patent was registered by L G Macauley’s in April 1879. (patent no. 214422).

Poison Bottle 


It was a safe container for poison with a skull in relief so the bottle cannot be mistaken by accident, or by blind people or children. It was designed by William M Caterson in June 1875. (patent no. 164265).

Cooling Chair 


This chair would be of great pleasure even today. It was a chair which circulates bellowed air around the head of the person sitting in it as they keep rocking to operate the mechanism. It was designed by C Singer on July 1869. (patent number 92379).

Rude alarm clock 


It was an alarm clock which wakes the sleeper with a blow to the forehead from a pivoted antennae released by the clock mechanism. It was designed by J D Humphrey in February 1919. (patent no. 1293102).

Spring Shoes 


Maybe this was a dream shoe for every kid those days. It was a simple propelling device consisting of a large spring attached to each shoe. It was designed by Harry Brant and Henry Turner and was patented in circa February 1920, (patent no. 1331952).

Rocking Chair Bath 


This looks to be as interesting as all the above may be with this bathing period was often longer than usual. It was actually a combined rocking chair and bath, which combines the comfort of a chair with the benefits of a bath. It was designed by Richard Straube and was patented in September 1899 (patent no. 633398).

Water ‘Weapon’ 


This was an invention which was made to get the animals away from a railway track. It was a system which worked by channeling hot water into an attachment which can be directed onto the animal in the way. It was invented by Lafayette Willson Page and patented in January 1884 (patent no. 292504).

Bowl Cut Hair-Cutting Device 


It was a hair-cutting device designed by Delbert E Smith which enables hairdressers to measure straight lines for the popular children’s cut known as the ‘bob’ cut. It was patented in February 1920  (patent no. 1329437).

Moustache Shield 


It was an invention which was designed to keep facial hair out of the way while eating and drinking. It was patented by Virgil A Gates in April 1876 (Patent no. 176175).

Comb Cap 


It was a ‘combined head covering and hair comb’. The flat cap was concealed with a comb so that whenever the hair was removed the hair would be automatically combed. It was designed by A K Dawson in January 1920 (patent no. 1327528)

Vertical Parking 


Even though it was an invention of very old days, it could have solved the modern problem of lack of parking space design for vehicles. It was a design for a car with a collapsible roof and windscreen which means that it could be stored vertically to take up less space, It was patented in August 1926.


So, the above-shown patents were the most strange and funny patents to be ever registered. Maybe those patent could have changed the course of history if they were successful. Do you think any of the above patent to be useful?


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