Top 05 Best Antivirus for Windows

In Most simple words Antivirus is a computer program that is used to remove, detect and then remove the malware. It has been primarily developed to detect and then remove computer viruses. It also protects your computer from any other threats.

There are plenty of Antivirus available in the market but in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5. Let’s begin:

Top 5 Best Antivirus for Windows


Antivirus For windows

Bitdefender is one of the most reliable and excellent antiviruses you can ever come across. This antivirus provides excellent virus protection. It has a lot of features in it and apart from that, it creates a minimum impact on your system performance. Bitdefender can extend your laptop and tablet battery life.

Along with this, it also protects your device against any kind of malware while you surf the web. It also gives you the liberty to chat safely and securely on all the social networking sites. Bitdefender has highly rated virus protection capabilities which makes it the first choice for many of the users.



This is one such name you must have heard of. .Norton is a very famous antivirus and it holds a good name in the market. It is mainly because of the services that it provides to its customers. It is highly accurate and a low impact antivirus which holds the capability of online backup too. Which is great.

It backs up all your data and stores it in the cloud. Apart from this it also makes sure that there is no case of identity theft and also protects your username and password against any kind of threat. .Norton detects all the viruses that might attack your system without false flaggings and manages your system from an online portal.

  1. McAfee


McAfee is rated one of the best antiviruses of 2020 to date. It is due to the amazing features that it provides to its users at a very affordable price. It has a highly safe and secure solution for all your systems and devices. Not just that, it can also an end number of devices and fix security issues o PCs remotely which is just amazing.

It is so confident in itself that it guarantees the money back if it couldn’t satifsy you. McAfee stores all your documents in an encrypted folder which provides extra security to your documents. It also prevents scam attempts from reaching your device. There are no false positives recorded on McAfee. Overall it is a great antivirus and with no doubt, it can be your first choice.



Kaspersky also holds a good name in the market.  It is a comprehensive antivirus that provides solutions that almost suits all your security needs. Kaspersky has a very powerful detection system that can detect any type of malware and then stops it from harming the device. It can undo the damage done by fantastic malware.

One of the best things about Kaspersky is that it protects children from harmful content and it cleans up and optimizes your computer regularly. Kaspersky also protects your all data against theft and accidents which secures all your data.



Panda is a very reliable Antivirus. It works on all major platforms and caters customizable plans to fit every customer’s needs. Prices at which this antivirus is available in the market is also quite decent. Panda offers a smart technology system which in turn allows consistent monitoring of anything and everything that is happening in your system.

The cloud technology on which it works is based on panda technology. Talking about its costing then a free, as well as paid version, is available. It uses big data and artificial intelligence with the help of which it protects your data even before any attack and ultimately saves your system.



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