This company will pay you $4500 to get coronavirus vaccine

Get coronavirus to get paid!

Don’t know the value of your life? It can save the lives of thousands of people by helping cure coronavirus.

Yes, we are serious and you have read the right title.

The scientist is looking for people with confirm coronavirus so that they can test and find the cure for it.

If you don’t know what to do with your life then you can use it to save other’s lives.

In return, you could be paid $4,588 which is Rs 339512 approx in Indian currency,

All you have to do is get infected with coronavirus and let scientists do their work to find the vaccine.


Now let’s talk about how to get recruited for this noble work.

Recruitment Process

Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Center which is in London is recruiting 24 daring peoples for the study on coronavirus.

Eligibility & procedure 

If you are afraid of dying then don’t worry you won’t be injected with high dose of this deadly virus.

First, you have to go through a series of tests to know if you have any other disease or not.

When you pass tests and get selected you will be injected with a very weaker dose of the virus,

Which won’t take your life; the virus will most likely cause mild respiratory problems.


This can be cured easily if the proper medication is provided.

Complete isolation for two weeks

A vaccination that has been developed by the Hvivo Company will then be tested on your body.

Those who are shot with vaccination will remain in isolation for two weeks to see if the test is successful.


You are not going to be paid on the basis of success rate; you are paid for your noble work.

If you are not cured within two weeks they are still going to be treated there.

Do’s & Don’ts while having coronavirus   

It’s not that easy as you are thinking, just getting shot of the vaccination and taking rest is enough.

You will have to stay in complete isolation and avoid human contact just to avoid further spread of the virus.


You will have to be under a restricted diet made by the scientists and cannot have anything outside the diet.

​Study and vaccine

You will be under the surveillance of the doctors and they will respond to all your problems wearing protective clothing and ventilators just to be protected from the spread.


The response of the vaccine to your body will be closely assessed regularly.

This test cant takes place without the permission of the UK’s medicine watchdog and also from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

If they give permission to proceed with the test only then the company will start recruiting peoples for this work.

Experts are saying that such an untested vaccine is not likely to be approved by the UK’s medicine watchdog.

But there are chances of getting permission as no cure has yet been found for this virus

And it needed to be stopped as soon as possible.


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