These Security Features In iOS 13 Stop Companies From Tracking You

Big companies are making millions from data. Their aim is to gather as much information as possible and use them to make money. The security features in iOS 13 will surprise you for sure. These data will help advertisers to target us based on our interest and online activities.

This is a serious privacy issue. They are seeing what we are doing. But we are unable to do anything about this. Now the time has come to hide this data and keep it to ourselves.

We crafted this blog to help you secure your phone from getting tracked. The first step starts with Facebook settings.

Tech giants are working now data privacy and they are taking serious measures to curb privacy theft. Apple’ iOS13 has come up with new privacy settings you must be using to protect your privacy. Also, there are 100 other terrific features you need to know.

Let tech companies and hackers stay away from you

Let tech companies and hackers stay away from you. For that, you need to update your phone first. Then you should use these new privacy features to the fullest extent.

No one should know where you are, except you and your family

Almost all the apps ask for location access. You don’t mind pressing that “Allow” option. Don’t do that. If Google Maps asks for location access, then you can give permission because that makes sense. For social media and other gaming apps, you should think twice before giving access.

I agree with the fact that your friends on Facebook should know the cool places you visit. Your friends won’t harm you, but hackers will. They also get to know your location. That’s extremely dangerous.

Hackers will your location details to get your address, office address, the places you visit, etc. Literally, they will tail you. This will put you in a dangerous situation.

That’s why iOS 13 helps you tackle this issue by offering you more control over your location information. In Apple devices, you can disable location details for particular apps.

1: Go to Settings
2: Select Privacy
3: Tap Location Services

All the apps installed on your mobile device will be listed. Here, you can control the location access. This will help you to safeguard your data and use this terrific feature ASAP.

Security Features In iOS 13: Know when apps are accessing your data without your permission

There are some sneaky apps that bypass your location protection guard

There are some sneaky apps that bypass your location protection guard. They run in the background and gather all your location information.

You can outsmart those sneaky apps with the help of iOS 13. Want to know how? I will tell you. You will get instant notifications when apps access your location information in the background.

The apps that drain your battery can be controlled with this feature. Also, you can remove apps that access your information without your permission. This feature will help you find such apps.

Block back doors that help data theft

Some mysterious apps can gather your location using your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You will be tracked using your IP and Bluetooth ports.

you have to keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access in check

So you have to keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access in check. These sneaky apps get more information using your IP. To protect you against these apps, i0S 13 comes with intelligent features.

1) Go to Settings
2) Select Privacy
3) Tap Bluetooth

The apps will be listed and you can decide whether they can access your Bluetooth or not.

In iOS 13, you can put an end card to Safari tracking you. This will help you stay away from repetitive ads.

1) Go to Settings
2) Select Safari
3) Toggle off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking

Use Two-factor authentication to protect your accounts from spammers and hackers.


To enjoy all these features in i0S 13, you need to update your iPhone. You should share the details that you want to. Don’t let some third party app to get your data and use it against you.

Data is your privacy and you need to keep it safe and secure. Hope this blog helped you to use iOS 13 feature effectively and stop companies tracking you.


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