These 7 Most Popular Virtual Jobs Could Save Your Day During The Pandemic

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If you are someone who’s struggling with no income during the pandemic, these popular virtual jobs should help you. The entire world is on a financial crisis where people are losing jobs in huge numbers.

The record indicates that a staggering 5 million people are now in their homes, jobless. There are also rumours saying that the world is never going to be normal.

From now on, it is going to be a game of how fast a person can adapt to the change. But make no mistake, there are ton things which you can do from your home and earn yourself an income.

This list of Popular virtual jobs should make it easy for you to put food on the table for you and your family.

E-sports Pro-Player / Coach

E-sports Pro Player / Coach

Although most people don’t hear about this often, one can make money by being a professional gamer. There are various online gaming tournaments happening all around the world.

If you win in a reasonably big tournament, along with all the sponsorship which you will be receiving, you can generate a huge income.

The good news is, it doesn’t stop here. If you think you’re a good E-sport pro-player, you can also make money by teaching other people how to play the game by being an E-sports coach. Salary Margin – $25,000-$1 million


Being an influencer is a straightforward profession. You have to earn yourself an audience who has enormous trust in you.

The way in which you earn their trust is completely up to you. But these influencers primarily operate using various Social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

They produce content (Video, Audio or Text) to keep their audience engaged. if you have a good amount of fan following, companies would start paying you to market their products. Salary Margin – $40,000-$1,250,000

LifeStyle Vlogging

LifeStyle Vlogging is a path which you can choose to be an Influencer. If you think you have an interesting life or some valuable things to share, why not make some money out of it.

A lifestyle vlogger usually makes videos that show how he lives his life day-to-day. Each video or blog would have a theme. If your Video or Blog receives a lot of traffic, you’ll get paid for advertising products. Salary Margin – $10,000-$125,000

Digital Asset Creation

If you are someone who’s more inclined towards designing assets for the virtual world, this the job for you.

You can create (or build) virtual objects like furniture and buildings which various digital platforms around the world could use. One good example is, Decentraland which designers use to sell their digital assets directly. Salary Margin – $17,500-$122,000

Independent Game Development

Independent Game Developer

If you have the right skill set, working as an Independent game developer could give you some huge returns. If your project does not get picked up by a good publisher or a studio, you have another option.

There are various platforms which would crowdfund your project and get you going such as the Kickstarter and Patreon. Salary Margin – $7,000-$100,000

Events Coordinator

Various nations around the world are under complete lockdown leaving no room for companies to operate. This means that a lot of their important events are now conducted online.

But this doesn’t mean that the company will no longer be needing someone who can organise the meeting. You can later leverage your experience and get promoted full-time. Salary Margin – $30,000-$75,000

Video Editing

Video Editing

With or without the pandemic, content developers have always needed good editors.

If you find yourself having a laptop and has the knack to edit videos, you can team up with a YouTuber or any other content creator and edit videos for them.

With the rise in demand for online classes, the need for good video editors is higher than ever. Salary Margin – $10,000-$60,000


In order for you to survive economically during the pandemic, it is vital that you keep searching for jobs. These popular virtual jobs would give you a respectable income.

Not to forget that if you can schedule your time properly, you can work multiple jobs at once. Nothing beats the comfort of working from your home.

If you have a laptop and some skills which you can leverage, do not hold back and try your chances with these popular virtual jobs.


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