These 7 application will make You Pro in Chess

Chess is a popular board game based on strategy. It requires the players to be patient, strategic, and attentive all the time. I learned to play chess by my dad as he was good at it. Number of studies have been made to understand the dynamics of the game.

A study by NYTimes suggests that chess helps in developing both sides of the human brain. Also, you can develop problem-solving skills by playing chess. So, you can have a good brain exercise if you play chess regularly.

Here are some Android apps where you can learn chess


Chess app by provides a platform to not only play chess, but also develop new skills. You can easily download the app from the Play Store and register. App will ask you to select your skill level and will also interact with you.

The app provides number of tricks and tactics at each level by both video and practical. You can play with your friends, random players, and also with the computer. The app also has a section for the latest news about the world of chess.

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