The Trends of Influencer Marketing in 2020 Will Change Drastically

Influencers are the people who have a lot of audiences on social media and other platforms. They are popular. They have people who follow them and do what they say. Influencer marketing in 2020 is changing drastically. Influencer marketing can provide the company with a lot of consumers in a short time.

Brands hire them to market their products to the followers they have. The majority of the marketers seem to show interest over influencers. They believe having control over them can help them control the market. But this trend is declining in its fame.

A popular trend among influencers

A popular trend among influencers

Influencers have the freedom to express their thoughts in their own way. Guidelines from the company are very uncommon. They have the freedom to market the product in the best way possible. This allows their audience to believe what the influencers say.

It lets gives them the feeling that they are doing what their favourite influencer is doing. At the beginning of this trend, the companies gave their products to them as compliments. The influencers would later test them and give out their positive views about the product.

The companies no longer give freebies but force them to provide paid promotions. The influencers provide positive reviews for the product, and they will be paid money in return. This does not allow their followers to believe in them.

There is no one who can know the brand better than the brand itself. But it removes the authenticity which the influencers have. It looks odd among their other posts. It gives the audience the feel of an advertisement.

The beauty of the influencers

The beauty of the influencers

The influencers on the social media know-how to market the products which are even hard to sell. They know how to inculcate a product smoothly into a social media post. This alteration affects the quality and performance of marketing.

Everyone has an influencer who we wish to become like. When the influencer marketing goes well, it would look like a recommendation. The audience would feel they are receiving suggesting about style from the person they adore.

If influencer marketing goes bad, it starts to look like an advertisement. It starts to look like a paid review and completely biased. It removes the need for the audience to accept what the influencer suggests.

Chris Johnston from Mediacom Beyond mentions that an influencer has to be given the freedom of expression. When given so, the campaign shows a good performance. Their creativity helps the brand to grow.

Influencer Marketing in 2020:The Real Change

Influencer Marketing in 2020:The Real Change

The creator should always be allowed to choose the direction of the campaign. Creativity might be important but will not be authentic. Conventional marketing is completely different from influencer marketing.

The brands must realize that the product is theirs. But the audience which they hope to reach belongs to the influencers. There is no one who has the knowledge to connect with them better than the influencers themselves.

The influencers should be allowed to act on their own. They are ready to take several risks for the company. When a creator is independent, we might get more innovative content than usual. It is important to choose the right influencer to represent the company.


Influencer marketing might be efficient. But is essential to set clear boundaries and goals. There should be trust between the company and the influencer. The influencer should understand the brand.

Only then they will be able to provide their valuable contribution. It is important for the influencer to have a wide audience to have a good reach. When it is all set, good and creative content can be obtained as a result.


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