Tesla’s Next Energy storage Project at California and it may be largest yet

For a long time, Tesla is working on their battery project in Australia which is said to be their biggest. But, now a news has emerged which shows that Tesla is working on another major battery project. The new project is said to be their largest yet known and Australia’s project seems like a miniature model next to it. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla has reportedly partnered with Pacific Gas And Electric Company for their latest battery project. PG&E is one of the largest electric company in the US. They cover nearly 16 million people in the state of California. Recently, it was spotted that PG&E made 4 submissions to the California Public Utilities Commision for approval. 3 out of the 4 are third-party projects but the last one is the mega-deal.

The Giant Energy Project

In a conference call made by Elon Musk recently, he hinted towards making this plan come true.  He said that “I am confident that we can make a gigawatt power energy project”. The proposed model is a 182.5 MW lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The battery plant is set to be made in the PG&E’s Moss Landing substation. Tesla will be providing the battery backups for this project. It will have an output capacity of 182.5 MW for around 4 hours. The capacity is said to be increased up to 6 hours providing a total of 1.1 GWh if they want to. The 4 hours power will mean a total energy output of 730 MWh which is nearly equal to 3000 Tesla Powerpacks 2s.

According to Tesla’s CTO, “We have successfully deployed over a 1 GWh of energy storage. The capacity might be small in numbers but it is actually making an impact”. But, if the new proposed project is successfully deployed, it will equal the energy storage of what Tesla has been trying to do for the past 3 years.

The energy project of Tesla in Australia is said to reduce the cost of grids by around 90%. PG&E said that it will work similarly for them in California. It will address the local requirements and help in the California Independent System Operator (CISO).


If the project is approved by the CPUS, the project will go live around 2019. Elon Musk has been reportedly working towards developing the energy projects throughout the world. He promised the Australian government to get rid of black-outs in South Austraila within 100 days. Musk achieved his target in less than the scheduled time itself. The project ended up saving around $30 million and it was a huge success.

Tesla in its three years has successfully made a energy storage of around 1 gigawatt but with the new project, it will directly double the number. When Elon Musk announced the launch of Tesla Energy, he said that it could be possible to deploy a gigawatt power plant in the near future. But, no one of us would have anticipated that it will be done so soon. Elon Musk has been tremendous in revolutionizing the tech world and this is one of the examples of it.

A project of this size is surely going to post a lot of challenges for Tesla but they are efficient to do such. With their recent success in Australia, Tesla looks optimistic to make this project become a reality. If it does, just like Austraila, California will also get huge benefit from it.


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