Zapata’s Flying Hoverboard crossed English Channel in 2 Minutes

Flying the Hoverboard is truly a great piece of engineering, which can raise your adrenaline. But is we check the history, we will see, for a very long time, humans have made various efforts to fly. And as the human learns from nature, the very first efforts were to fly like a bird. A lot of machines were tried, but the birds’ concept didn’t work in the way it was supposed to do. But the very first success of flying was tasted by the Wright brothers in 1903. They made the very first working airplane. Certainly, they struggled a lot but finally, they got what they deserved.

Zapata’s flying Hover Board


However, sitting inside a plane doesn’t give that much of a thrill, it’s still boring. For instance, sky diving or any other sports are the most exciting, where you fly like a bird and feel the thrill. And ever since, people have made efforts to build more futuristic technologies which could give more fun and joy like a flying hoverboard.

We have seen a flying hoverboard a lot of times in films. Certainly, anyone would wish to own such a hoverboard of the sci-fi movie. and the best part is, modern engineering and technological advancement have brought the moment here. The hoverboards are real now. French inventor Franky Zapata has successfully managed to make such a sci-fi flying hoverboard as well as managed to cross the English Channel while flying on his jet-powered flying hoverboard which has the nickname of “Flyboard Air.”.

About the journey


You will be amazed to know that, the flying hoverboard was successful to reach the speed of 170km/hr. that’s damn fast. Consequently, it took him about 22 minutes to cross the English Channel.

Zapata had started from Sangatte (near Calais) of France and completed his journey at St Margaret’s Bay in Dover. As a result, he covered a distance of around 33 km in 22 minutes only.

It’s not the first time. This was the second attempt by inventor Franky Zapata. The last time he tried was on July 25. He had fallen in the water while refueling off of a boat. But this time, he successfully refueled mid-air by simply changing the backpack carrying the fuel. Three helicopters escorted him during the superfast aerial ride. and above all, he has managed to make history.

Franky Zapata had started building the hoverboard about three years back and it has shown off the hoverboard on various occasions including the last Bastille Day parade in Paris.

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