You Must Have These 10 Best Apps For New Windows PC

Windows is adding several features to its operating system over the years with updates. But you need to download applications for various uses. Windows applications have limited applications and functions. For smooth operation, you must have these 10 best apps for new Windows PC.

You can download various software which is available to download online. The following apps can customize a brand-new computer. The arrangement of apps is in no particular order.

The following apps can customize a brand-new computer

1. Affinity Photo

Photoshop is a familiar application that is ruling the industry. But there is a downside to it. You have to pay huge amounts as subscription fees. You have to renew it every time your subscription expires.

Affinity Photo does not occupy much space in your disk. The makers of the application permit a one time purchase. You don’t have to keep renewing it. The interface of the application is similar to Photoshop.

2. 1Password / Lastpass

It becomes difficult when you have to manage numerous passwords at once. It is important to secure your account with a strong password. But strong passwords are hard to remember. A good password manager will come handy at situations like this.

There are numerous password managers which are available online. LastPass and 1Password are some of the best ones in the field. One can type all his passwords in the application and forget about it. The application will auto-fill all the credentials.

3. TreeSize

A most important aspect of a computer is the drive space. It can get clogged up fast if left unnoticed. We don’t use most applications we download from the internet. It lies dormant and keeps occupying the disk space. We forget about them ultimately.

TreeSize makes the job simpler for you. It notifies you if you have several unnecessary files in the system. If you have a huge photo collection which is occupying space, it notifies you. It can save several gigabytes of storage for you.

4. Libreoffice writer

Libreoffice writer is a free-ware that does not require subscription fees. It can provide much more security when compared to less secure online word processors.

You also do not have to pay to use the app. Microsoft Word is a popular word processor, but it is a paid one. LibreOffice has all the tools that MS word has but it is free.

5. Malwarebytes

We live in an era that has several data invading computer viruses. It is difficult to scan and identify a virus without good antivirus software. Several viruses have advanced with updates.

They do not let the user open any software. There are cases where the users couldn’t even shut down the system. Malwarebytes can come in handy in situations like this. It is one of the best anti-malware software that is available.

6. VLC media player

This software does not need much introduction. The VLC media player has been ruling the industry for more than two decades. It can support several file formats when compared to other streaming software.

VLC is available across various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. It is a lot more efficient.

7. Audacity

Music creators and producers are increasing in numbers. A good audio interface is expensive to purchase. But if you are looking at something cheap and basic, Audacity is the right choice.

It has several important functions and can be used to cut and edit audio clippings. It is available online for free and has various free plugins and preview features.

8. Wox

Wox allows adding a mac-like feature to your windows device. It makes it easier to search for files on the system and the web. It is much easier and fancy when compared to the regular windows search. Wox can also translate languages inside the launcher itself.

9. Clipmate

Clipmate is a valuable addition to your windows device. Most clipboards can save only a limited amount of information. Clipmate can increase the amount of information that a clipboard can save. You can edit and reformat the clips after you save them.

10. Ninite

Ninite comes in handy when you are just starting to install apps. The software makes the process of an app installation much easier. You can visit the Ninite website and select all the apps which you need.

The software downloads and installs them one by one. You can reduce the fuss which happens when you install apps. The list has a variety of software ranging from web browsers to games.


Among the numerous apps created, there are several useful ones that could reduce your work. We have tried and listed some of them in the list. Some of them are free while some are paid ones.

Some apps have premium versions. They are worth every single penny which you pay. It can also improve the efficiency of your system.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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