You can now pin three posts or reels to your Instagram profile

  • Users to pin up to three posts, including photos or Reels, to the top of their profile grid.
  • Will give creators more flexibility to express themselves on their profiles.
  • The feature would be available to all users starting from today.

Instagram announced that it’s launching the ability for users to pin up to three posts, including photos or Reels, to the top of their profile grid. The new feature will give creators more chances to express themselves on their profiles. Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch officially in April that it was testing the feature. The ability to pin posts is out globally to all users starting today.

You can pin a post by going to a specific photo or Reel and clicking on the three dots in the top right corner and selecting “Pin to your profile.” After this, the post will appear at the top of your profile grid.

Last year, Instagram added a way for users to filter some kinds of “sensitive” content out of the Explore tab. Now, Instagram is expanding that setting, letting users turn off that content in recommendations throughout the app.

The expanded content controls will soon apply to search, Reels, hashtag pages, “accounts you might follow” and in-feed suggested posts. Instagram says the changes will come to all users within the coming weeks.

Instagram head, Adam Mosseri said Your profile is your space, so we’re looking for more ways to give you control over that experience,” in a video posted to his social channels about the new feature.

The ability to pin a specific post to your profile is a feature for users who want to highlight their favorite posts that may have been somewhere much down in their photo grid. The feature could also be useful for creators who post frequently but want to highlight a specific post. Currently, users have the option to pin Stories to their profile, but this new feature expands this ability to posts.

Previously users can highlight a post in a Story and then pin that story to their profile, this new feature makes that process a lot easier and more straightforward. The new feature works similarly to Twitter’s “Pin to your profile” feature and TikTok’s “Pinned videos” option, both of which let you pin content to the top of your profile.

Today’s announcement comes as Meta recently launched several features for its Reels products across both Facebook and Instagram. A new feature is also out known as the Sound Sync feature on Facebook Reels and added time for longer Instagram Reels of up to 90 seconds, up from the previous 60 seconds limit. The company also introduced several more creative tools, audio tools, templates, and other options to make Reels more engaging.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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