With This CoronaVirus Detecting AI, Monitoring Corona Cases Is Easy

Have you heard of the Coronavirus detecting AI? If the answer is No then you are missing out. AI is becoming smarter with every passing day.

The areas where AI could prove helpful is becoming limitless. Several tasks which took hours of work now just take seconds.

AI has contributed a lot in our struggle with the COVID outbreak. Disease diagnosis is getting tedious every day with the rising number of cases.

We do not have enough resources to diagnose everyone. If left untreated, one affected person could affect hundreds more.

This is where AI comes into play. This article would focus on how AI would help in reducing the time takes for diagnosis.

COVID-19 Sounds App

COVID-19 Sounds App

Freelancers have developed various tools to help in the fight against corona. But out of which the COVID-19 Sounds App is a significant one.

It uses AI to aid in the process of diagnosis. The developers hope that they can diagnose a person just by recording the audio of their coughing, sneezing and breathing sounds.

This could help to differentiate a person who has the virus from the people who doesn’t. But just like any other AI, it needs to get trained first.

The more training and data it receives, the more efficient and accurate the AI becomes. Developers have requested people like us to provide the AI with the required data.

We can voluntarily feed the app with the audio recording of our breathing patterns and coughing sounds.

This method of diagnosis is not proved yet. Although the researchers believe that there is a vast difference between the breathing sounds of the affected people and the healthy ones.

Crowd Sourcing For Data

Crowd Sourcing For DataCrowd Sourcing For Data

The application needs to acquire several datasets of information in order to work accurately. It is impossible for the developers to do it themselves.

Crowd-sourcing is the only way to acquire loads of data with the least amount of effort.

Crowd-sourcing has already helped a lot when the COVID symptoms tracker got released. It had more than 15 lakh downloads within a few days of its release.

Steps To Be Followed

The entire process of installation takes no more than a minute. Right after you install the application, you have to enter details about your location and geography of the place you live in.

You can then proceed to provide audio samples of your breathing patterns and coughing sounds. Once you do this, choose your approximate location and press submit.

Security Concerns

The purpose of the app is not to monitor you. It does not track any of your data. You only have to give in audio inputs.

No information which you provide will be used to track you in the future. It will receive your data only when you choose to do it. It will not continue to acquire data when the app is not in use.

To Conclude

The App is readily available on Firefox and Chrome which you can download and contribute.

However, you can never compare this app with traditional hospital tests. But it is also impossible to test every member of a country individually.

There are not enough hospital beds to accommodate all the patients. This is the only way where you can monitor several people at once.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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