Whatsapp Gets Scary Messages Similar to Text Bombs

WhatsApp one of the best messaging apps has encountered spam messages which give a reminiscence of text bombs on iPhone.

The iPhone users faced a similar situation when they received text bombs on iMessage. They were a series of strange characters that did not make any sense to anyone.

These are been called Scary Messages when they are found on the WhatsApp. This is because these spam messages have scared the WhatsApp users for the app crash.

Scary Messages can crash the WhatsApp Messenger

Scary Messages can crash the WhatsApp Messenger

The problem which this text bombs caused to the iPhone users was that as they opened that text bomb on iMessage, the app crashed.

Thereafter whenever you open the app it crashes every time. The users had to uninstall the app and install it again. It could even lead to data loss if not done the backup.

This strange problem is not clear to the WhatsApp engineers as of now. The reason is not clear why it is causing the app to crash and therefore they call it scary messages.

Scary messages can prove to be very harmful to WhatsApp users. They are currently prominent in the Brazilian region but in no time they will reach the other places.

Corrupted files are spreading over WhatsApp

Corrupted files are spreading over WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most preferred platform to viral any message and the scary messages are being looked as corrupted files. They can come in the form of having multiple contacts in Alien characters.

WhatsApp has cleared the air and said that it has created a fix for these scary messages and that it will be rolled out in the next update for iPhone.

The people are suggested to keep updating their WhatsApp messaging app so that they get the latest security fixes.

This isn’t any kind of first spam message. In the last year, to WhatsApp faced an anonymous message warning of a WhatsApp Killer.

Security measures you can take on your part

Security measures you can take on your part

Firstly you have to keep your phone updated with the latest WhatsApp-Update and OS update.

Secondly, you can make some changes in your app settings so that you can lessen the chances of virus reaching you.

You can make settings like people apart from your contacts nobody can add you to any group. You can do this easily by altering some settings options.

This can lessen the chances of getting a scary message as such spam messages are more targeted on the groups than individuals.


Spam messages like text bombs or scary messages have flooded the Android and iOS.
They are intended to steal information or break the security settings of the apps.

The users are suggested to not open these spam messages, you should block the contact without opening the message and delete the message.

They should not open and forward the message to anyone.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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