We Don’t Need Google Anymore – Huawei with Harmony OS in Hand

Are you still thinking the world can’t exist without Google? Well, you might want to reconsider. Huawei has set an example by creating Harmony OS. Smartphones have been dependent on Google and its mobile applications.

Huawei was no different a year back. It all changed when this Chinese company became banned from the United States. This took a huge toll on the revenue of the company.

It is no surprise that Huawei already has its own operating system. They named it “The Harmony OS”.

Google Mobile Services

Google Mobile Services

Google Mobile Services goes by the name of GMS in the software industry. GMS is a software package. Google Mobile Services is nothing but a collection of Google’s API and other software applications.

It allows mobile devices to function normally. The entire software industry is totally dependent on it.

The OS which the company developed and released recently is just a plan B for the company. It turns out that Huawei has some huge plans in play.

Huawei gave a statement that it will remain independent even if the ban on its devices is lifted. The Head of the Consumer Business Group of the company named Fred Wangfei stressed this fact at any interview which he attends.

It is a huge step not just for the company but for the entire software industry. This is because Google has been displaying its dominance over the industry for a long time.

Harmony OS: Can it go wrong?

Harmony OS: Can it go wrong?

After the ban in the US, Huawei has been facing several problems related to its revenue. This drastic change can cause several problems for Huawei and its distribution might get affected even further.

If you are thinking 3 billion dollars is a huge amount, hold my beer. That is the amount Huawei has invested in the development of its own application ecosystem.

The company has named it ‘Huawei Mobile Services’ just like Google did. There have been talks that the company is developing its own App Gallery.

The company exclaims that they are willing to spend 3 billion if that is the cost to free themselves.

Android Platform minus Google

Android Platform minus Google

It might seem positive that Huawei has made such a huge decision. But, however positive it may seem they still need Android.

No device can function without it. But Huawei will work using AOSP. AOSP is nothing but an Open-source version of Android.

We can be sure that Huawei devices will not work with Google apps again no matter how long it would take to exist alone.

The Unexpected

Huawei has released an official statement which states the complete opposite. The statement mentions that the company will always consider Android Open Source as their first preference.

But if it does not work out as planned, the company has all the potential to develop something on its own. This is completely opposite to what WangFei said. Arnoud Wokke is a Journalist.

The same question, when asked to the General Manager of Huawei in the Netherlands had the same answer. It is clear that Huawei will probably shift back to Google in the future.

To Conclude

Different comments and opinions are circling around the Internet. Though some of them might be true, we cannot be sure.

In order to know what is really happening, there is just one way to find out. To wait and see how things roll out.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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