Voice Recognition As Passwords: Soon To Be Reality

How efficient is using voice recognition as passwords? Let us find out. Smartphones are getting fancier with every passing day and so is their security.

People love when mobile brands include new features to unlock their phones. When Apple first released its Face ID, its accuracy was shocking.

USA and China are getting so advanced in this technology that they can recognize your face even when you are wearing a mask.

It appears that Face ID will retain its awe factor for at least the next couple of years. But using voice recognition as passwords is also capable of gaining equal significance.

Google Assistant’s New Feature

Google Assistant's New Feature

Google is slowly sliding a new feature into its AI assistant. Before we go any further into this discussion, you should know that it is not yet available universally.

But there is a chance that all your payments and purchases can soon get authenticated with a voice match. You can find this feature both on Android and iOS in a very short while.

Right now Google is planning to limit this feature only to a function. It might be capable of making Google play purchases and might also take restaurant orders.

Is Voice Match Totally New?

No matter how futuristic this sounds, this has been among us for a few years now. Google tried implementing this in its Google Pixel 2 and its home speakers.

This was back in 2017. But it wasn’t so accurate so Google didn’t want to use voice recognition as passwords just yet. All it can do was match your voice to your personal content.

Every time it recognizes your voice it can boot up your personal calendar, email and other similar things. Google is working really hard to get their voice recognition accuracy.

Belongs To The Future

Futurists predict that payments might get completely automated in the future. If you want to authenticate a payment, all you might have to say is “Pay $10”.

You do not have to go into the struggle of manually typing in card numbers and receiving one time passwords. Voice authentication doesn’t require any new hardware. This reduces its cost makes it scalable.

Thumbprint or facial recognition requires hardware improvement. Whereas with your voice, you can achieve the same with a few software updates.

This not just reduces the cost but also reduces the time needed for its implementation.

Quoting The Disadvantages

Quoting The Disadvantages

Any technology which makes its way into our lives has downsides. Using Voice recognition as passwords is so hard to perfect.

The user might set up the feature in a quiet environment which might not work when he tried to access it in a noisy one. Some users try to sound perfect while setting up.

But recording in a natural voice and place is the only way for you to get the best possible result. The system might be able to recognise your voice when you are sick or when you age and your voice gets deepened.


We are still a long way from using voice recognition as passwords. But it is something which we can really loop up to. As impossible as it sounds, we are really close to making it a reality.

No piece of technology is perfect when it lands on our hands. But with time and feedback from the users, voice authentication could completely change our perception over security.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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