Virgin Galactic’s Interior: SpaceShipTwo Spaceliner

Virgin Galactic’s interior is the new internet sensation and it has received a lot of positive reviews over the days.

We humans have always been fascinated with speed, and we’ve always wanted to make things operate faster.

Over the years, the speed at which we travel from one place to the other has increased multiple folds. When aeroplanes took over, we could make a world trip in hours which once took us several days.

If you think our current aeroplanes are faster, you have no idea what’s about to come. This new initiative is a combination of a space rocket and a commercial airliner.

Once the Spaceliner starts flying, air travel is going to be totally different from what we have now.

The Motto Of The Company

The Motto Of The Company

We are so close to perfecting our space rockets but there’s no denying the fact that they are still way more expensive. Space travel is not yet open for civilians as there are various risks associated with it.

Virgin Galactic’s interior can currently accommodate up to six passengers and provide them with a luxurious trip to space. People train for months if not years before they can have a seat on a space rocket.

But Virgin Galactic is striving hard to remove this barrier. The aircraft can fly people to suborbital space and can carry them safely back to the surface.

The company says that it started the work from the interior and worked their way out. This is to provide the best value for money since people will have to pay huge bucks to climb onboard.

Virgin Galactic’s Interior

Everything about the interior including the colour palette has been chosen with great care. Each colour that’s there inside the Virgin Galactic is there for a reason.

The craft has 6 seats in it which can recline to reduce the impact of g-force on the passengers during the flight.

Each passenger of the aircraft will have the means to talk to the pilot directly and apart from this they’ll also have separate displays to showcase flight data.

The Unmatched Experience

The Unmatched Experience

The passengers will be able to witness the curvature of the earth once they reach suborbital heights. A dedicated flight carrier named WhiteKnightTwo will carry the aircraft to a height of about 15 km.

After the drop, the aircraft’s motor will power the rest of the trip. Virgin Galactic’s interior has about 12 large windows to give its passengers the view of their lives.

The interior also has a series of 16 cameras installed in it to record the experience that each passenger is having.

If you don’t feel like taking our word for it, you can go ahead and download their AR mobile app to check the interior yourself.


What the Spaceliner is about to do, no company has ever done before. The good news is, this tech marvel will be operational in no time to give our civilians a glimpse of outer space.

The company says that its mobile app will inspire a lot of space enthusiasts around the world.

There aren’t any private trips yet but the company recently performed a test flight with two pilots. As the test flight was successful, we are one step closer to making our dream a reality.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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