Twitter will no longer support iOS 9 or below

Twitter will no longer support for all iOS users who are having older versions of the iOS operating system. The message in the app’s latest update description in the App Store mentions that users running iOS 10 or later will be able to have a supported mobile client.

This message by the company suggests that it will allow the company to streamline its app development for all clients.

Updating the app and removing support for older platform suggests that company will be able to quickly roll out new features using the latest frameworks. This way, the company will no longer need to worry about legacy users.

It is very common for social apps to take this decision. For example, Snapchat and LinkedIn also only support iOS 10 or higher versions. However, Facebook still provides support for iOS 9 and above.

Apple released iOS 10 about 2 years ago, and next month, it will provide public access of the latest iOS 12 to its users.

 Twitter is already losing its users

Getting rid of older versions of iOS is not as risky as getting rid of older versions of Android for Twitter. The reason is, majority of Apple device users upgrade when Apple releases a new version of its operating system. Also, Apple’s data suggests that only 5% of users are still running iOS 9 or below. On the basis of Apple’s market, that 5 percent is still in millions. But, for Twitter’s latest version, it’s a very low number.

According to Q2 2018 earnings of Twitter, it had 335 million monthly active users. It is obvious that majority of those are using Twitter on Android. Undoubtedly, there are very small percentage of users running iOS 9 or below. So, Twitter believes that it’s a very small acceptable loss if it occurs.

On the other hand, this news is an exception as Twitter is already losing its users. In Q2, it lost 1 million users, and now it is going to lose a number of other client applications.

The company had already killed many versions of its acquired TweetDeck client app. This year, it also killed Twitter for Mac along with majority of its TV apps. It stopped supporting legacy APIs. It is aware of the fact that will impact operations of third-party clients. Finally, it is losing its small number of iOS users, too.

Twitter mentions that those who are still running iOS 9 or below will no longer receive updates. For those who want to receive bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements will have to upgrade their OS.

All these things suggests that Twitter is trying to limit the number of platforms it has to support. Doing this will allow it to better understand needs of its users. Let’s see what success Twitter will receive with this decision.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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