Twitter suspends More Than 70 Million account in Last Two Months (May-June).

Twitter is facing issues and troubles because of its users. This is why Twitter blocked over more than 70 million accounts in the last two months. Twitter was continuously getting the warnings for not suspending the accounts. Those accounts were continuously spreading the malicious activities over the Twitter. Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms after the Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

There was a time when Twitter was competing with the Facebook. Because all the celebrities wanted to be a member of Twitter. But the time Instagram was launched, it seems all the celebrities got attracted to the charisma of Instagram. Everybody found it worthy of using the Instagram.

Slightly-slightly, Twitter started facing the fall in its users. Still, Twitter was trying to be a good social media platform for the sake of the ones who still love to be on the Twitter instead of Instagram and Facebook.

But then what happened in the last few months that the Twitter had to suspend over the 70 million of its user accounts? Let us read.

As Twitter was getting the warnings for spreading the malicious and spam content. It was said that Twitter is promoting the abusive and spam content on its social media platform. After getting all the warnings still, Twitter seems failed to take actions for such users.

A spokesperson from Twitter said that “The team is working really hard to improve the policies regarding the safety of the users and privacy of the users”. They said, “systems identified approximately 9.9 million spammed accounts and also challenged them not to spam anymore”.

The Washington post report clearly showed that the rate of suspensions for the last two months (May and June) it seems to be twice the number of suspension rate of Twitter’s October 2017.
Twitter has been getting criticized badly and widely for this issue. So this is why Twitter had to make a move to curb all the activities.

Not only Facebook faced the enhancing pressure from the audience but also Twitter too faced the same to curb all the spam and trolls, which were being getting viral over these social-media platforms,

An executive member from the company Twitter also said in the reports that many of the users have stopped tweeting, and also it would not going to impact dramatically the company’s active user accounts.
One of the Twitter spokesperson also claimed that the company faced a negative impact on its monthly users due to all the information that is being gone viral regarding the security and privacy issues and spreading the malicious and spam content.

Well, it is good to hear that finally, Twitter is taking some serious actions regarding all the abusive, malicious content. And also Twitter showing concerns regarding the security and privacy issues of its active users.

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