Twitter shall introduce new methods to present news to avoid mistakes that facebook did!

Two social media giants, Twitter and Facebook, are evolving their technologies and features to make its users socialize more and more. These social medias involve news. Both, Twitter and Facebook are updating their approach to news. They are changing everything from their past. Facebook is busy with updating its association with news, while Twitter is trying to get into this platform of news. But, for getting started, Twitter will need to begin by avoiding all the mistakes made by Facebook. All the mistakes made by Facebook in the field of news relates with Fake News. Nowadays, Facebook has become a largest platform for getting updated with the news. Most of the people just view feeds by scrolling, and if they find some post or link interesting, they simply discover it. It has become the largest source of news. Browsing Facebook has become simpler, which makes people just turn it on when they want news.

Twitter trying their hands on news

Twitter can be considered as a chief competitor of Facebook. In recent months, Twitter has involved itself in developing its approach to breaking news and related feeds. First of all, it collaborated with some local news sources in order to maintain and improve authenticity of news getting displayed. Twitter is working on some instant features like pinning the breaking news on the top of its timeline. It will assist with tweets from both Twitter and news sources. During the death of Stephen Hawking, they tried their hands on this features for the first time. They confirmed that they are making these features permanent.


Issues over fake news

Facebook is changing its mind frequently about what to do with its issue over news. Facebook has always made a statement about it not being a news site. In January, it announced that it will no longer show posts regarding news over those of friends. It made all the possible attempts to remove the label of news site attached with its name. Several tests were made on pages and publishers to solve this issue. What changes must be made by Twitter after learning from the mistakes made by Facebook to solve the issues regarding news? Twitter is not completely aware from the difficulties faced by Facebook. Also, it isn’t protected from the spread of Facebook which is currently the main problem faced by Facebook. Number of issues have arrived in the past regarding Facebook and it has always tried to solve them by arranging meetings. Main issue of Twitter is there are millions of bot accounts in its database. They have assured their investors that they are committed to get rid of bot accounts and to make their news channels clear.


What attempts should Twitter make?

Twitter can benefit from these sorted and accurate news by placing more stock in news. Twitter will try to make algorithmic system to sort news which will save employees’ time. Also, employees can keep a watch on breaking news and reports by overseeing it. Any social media in the competition of social media giant Facebook, for news feeds, will need to avoid the mistakes made by Facebook. Avoiding mistakes made by Facebook is an important step in approaching news. Such mistakes made by Facebook got it a controversial reputation. Twitter will need to make sure they avoid these mistakes.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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